Mun nimi on…

Joni and I brought 10 useful phrases that might be useful during in our Finland / Japan session. This will greatly help to improve and learn more practical conversations.

The session went on like below.
Step 1: practice to pronounce them a couple of times
Step 2: confirm the word order and grammar.
Step 3: translate to Finnish / Japanese
Step 4: discuss what we can find and feel

First, he taught me the sentences that focused on self-introduction and greetings. I found it kind of difficult to pronounce “h” and “y” consonant sound in Finnish.On the other hand, I made them for some expected situations (how to ask about location, order of food, and respond)In Finland, they seem not to use the sentence like “I’m ready to order” because clerks come to the table without even calling out. He said that it will sound like a little strange if we do like that.

He advised me to memorize the templates and just get a grasp of the forms before understanding the details of the sentence structures. Anyway, I need to get used to Finnish sound.

Time really flies! I can’t wait for our next session.


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