Second lesson / Arabic/Finnish

My group and I had been overwhelmed with tasks, even though we managed to meet and learn stuff from each other, we didn’t have time to write them down, so in the next couple of weeks I will be writing about all of those meeting. Tursajaiset was just around the corner, the whole class voted on dressing up as Nerds (nörtit) , In that  event I was able to learn quite a lot of stuff related to the culture of finland, like how Finland doesn’t really celebrate Halloween, as for easter, children wear witch costumes which is creepy for me.

I was able to share some of my country’s culture/history as well, mostly the dark stuff like our history in which the ottoman’s hold of the country and the present enemy countries.

For some reason I only knew how to count to 5 in Finnish, and they helped me out with the rest. Kuusi = 6, Seitsaman = 7, kahdeksan = 8, yhdeksan= 9, kymenen= 10

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