Fourth lesson Finnish/Arabic

We had decided to meet at my place and I wanted them to try some Lebanese food, I made something called Manoushe’ Kishk which is basically a Pizza dough with a mix of tomato, onion, greek yogurt, kishk powder, olive oil… They said it was nice, then I made them try some Lebanese drinks in which they hated, after that I wanted them to try the thyme mix manoushe in which they said it was too dry (they are right, I’m not the best at cooking)

But between cooking and talking, I’ve learned a lot about Finnish cuisine as well:

Haarukka = Fork

Veitsi = Knife

Lusikka = Spoon

karjalanpiirakka = karelien pie

munat = eggs/ (slang for balls)

They also taught me how to properly make a dough since I wasn’t really able to, and they taught me that I should put egg butter on the karjalanpiirakka and told me about reindeer meat and how to cook it.

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