3rd meeting Finnish/Japanese

This time we went trough 10 sentences/words that Yuiko prepared beforehand. First she told me how to pronounce them in japanese and after I helped her with the finnish pronounciation. Our study material included questions like

  • Where is ___? / ___ wa dokoni arimasu ka? Missä ___ on?
  • Where is this? / Koko wa doko desu ka? / Missä tämä on?
  • What is this? / Kore wa nan desu ka? / Mitä tämä on?

Some sentences that you can use in a restaurant like

  • Im ready to order / Chumon o onegaishimasu / Olen valmis tilaamaan

(NOTE: I told Yuiko that on my opinion we rarely tell the server that we are ready to order. Often we order the food before sitting down or the waiter/waitress comes to table without need to ask.)

  • I would like to order this / Kore o onegaishimasu / Haluan tilata tämän

Lastly we learned some usefull  everyday sentences/words like

  • Yes & no / Hai & Ie / Kyllä & ei
  • Understood / Wakarimashita / Ymmärrän
  • That sounds good / I ne / Kuulostaa hyvältä
  • Cute / Kawaii / Söpö
  • Handsome / Kakkoii / Komea

Yuiko said that her favourite finnish word this far is söpö because of how it sounds like.

Time goes fast when you are having fun!



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