Fifth meeting/lesson Arabic/Finnish

We went to Aloha Ramen to try the noodles there and get an overall patch, though they were out of overalls we did enjoy the wonderful food. I had told them how I always mistook pork steak for cow meat steak in markets and they’ve told me that “Pihvi” is steak and “lehmä” is a cow and “sianlihaa” is pork. I hope from now on I don’t get surprised on why the meat tastes different.

We mostly chatted about how to pronunciations occur and how to make them sound genuine Finnish.  I tried to repeat sentences Roope gave me and I attempted to say them, although I was told I had a good accent, I feel like before concentrating on accents I need to be able to form sentences because I froze when I asked for an English menu in Zarillo a couple of weeks ago saying “UHMM ENGLANTIA MENUA” and then everyone laughed at me (well no one laughed but I knew they were dying on the inside). I was determined to be able to get grammar correctly but it seemed very complicated. So my next mission is to be able to say simple sentences or get a better understanding of the grammar.

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