3th meeting Finnish / Spanish.

Our group’s schedules crossed and our third meeting was remotely, although we had agreed otherwise. Our purpose in the library was to get to know the Finnish language through children’s fairy tales, but fortunately there are also fairy tales online. We took advantage of https://iltasatu.org/.

We went through a couple of fairy tales. Omar’s job was to read and translate the passages we chose. We hadn’t thought that the colorful language of fairy tales could produce challenges. One of the fairy tales was also more in the form of a poem, so we may not have chosen the easiest children’s books.

At the meeting, we chat in Finnish with Omar, of course Omar spoke some of his answers in Spanish. It was fun to exchange news and at the same time hear how everyone is doing.

We all liked the live meeting at Espresso House, so next time we had a goal to see live.

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