Sixth meeting Arabic/Finnish

SYYSFEST was here, and we went as a group of people, it was the perfect place to try out my Finnish. I tried using the basic stuff like Anteeksi, Moi, Moro, Kiitos, Kippis… I’ve had feedback from my friends on how to improve my pronunciations and what I’m doing wrong, and which letters to emphasize to make it sound more Finnish. In addition to that, I was told to have a change in tonality when speaking, to accentuate the questions and statements.

I was told that Kuitti is a receipt and Pussi/Kassi are bags in which Pussi is a smaller bag and Kassi is bigger.  Muovi is plastic so I should say “Anteeksi, yks muovi kassi kiitos”. I still need to learn how to say “Can I have” instead of just demanding it, but that’s too complicated for me now.

we got a nice “Kuva” while riding the “Vuoristorata”. A lot had happened that day, but that’s all I remember so far.

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