Dishes together

Luiza came to visit my place and I made some food for us. The meeting was a bit shorter, we both were quite busy because of our studies. We focused on food and the objects in the kitchen. Luiza was doing my dishes! Hah! So lovely. Someday I will have a dishwasher. I noticed that I need a lot of repetition aloud if I want to remember the words and sayings in Portuguese. And sometimes I feel frustrated. We talked a bit more Finnish than usually, which was productive and fruitful. Luiza did remember the words so well, she was and is so good at it. And she doesn’t realize it!


Avental – esiliina

Tigela – kulho

Faca – veitsi

Concha – kauha

Microondas – mikroaaltouuni

Prato – lautanen

Lavalouça – astianpesukone

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