We went to cafe Puisto again, it’s such a cozy place to hang out. Our evening was about wine and time. 

Couple of years ago I was always on time, like everywhere, always. Then something happened, and I changed somehow more relaxed. 

I also have a dream, that there would be at least one day, that time didn’t exist at all. It would be interesting to see how the whole world would go upside down. The value wouldn’t be based on time, people should trust their bodies (when to drink coffee or when to eat / do you even know when you actually feel hungry?). People don’t know when to go to work or bring their children to daycare. When to go to sleep or wake up?

Or there could be a service, like a whole own world, where phones or time doesn’t exist. Like a breakout from “the real world”.

Luiza was so excited about this. Time is just an illusion. We are just time’s salves. Is it so serious if sometimes I’m late? I don’t mind if someone else is late. We were also discussing if I’m Brazilian, because finns are always early and I am not! Brazilians are cool, because they aren’t so serious.

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