Japanese Etiquette

Joni and I decided to share Finnish and Japanese culture respectively.
I created this:

We talked with it.

Joni asked me “Are there any differences depending on the degree of bowing?” That was a good question! As he said, Japanese uses it differently based on the situation. The deeper you bow, the more serious you are, but be careful not to overdo it.

It seems that punctuality is important for Japanese. For example, if you were told to go your part-time job at 10 am, your boss would expect you to be ready to start at 10 am. It doesn’t mean that you arrive at the place at 10 am.
This silent agreement seems to be similar to Finnish people, too.

[Onsen (hot spring) and Sento]
Just as Finnish people enjoy the time in sauna, Japanese also like to bath in onsen(温泉) and sento(銭湯).

We had a great time. I was glad to notice Finnish and Japanese people seemed to have some common points.

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