Traditional festive food

Yesterday’s meeting was our 6th, and the topic was very interesting: traditional festive food! Since Christmas is coming closer and we could already feel this great atmosphere, we decided to discuss what traditional dishes we make in our countries and in our families. To be honest, I got very inspired because I love cooking so much and will definitely make something that guys showed me today! Some of the traditional Finnish Christmas foods are casseroles, and there are also different types of them. Two of the most served ones are Rutabaga (which is a root vegetable) and carrot. They are served hot and coated with breadcrumbs and butter on top, mmmm! Then there are also baked ham, Christmas bread, rice porridge, and really cute Christmas pastries. All in all, everything looked so delicious.

Then I showed guys some traditional Christmas Russian food, which is Olivie Salad, made of vegetables and ham (this is the most traditional Russian dish ever and everyone makes it for Christmas and New Year’s Eve), baked chicken (or duck) with potatoes or apples, caviar on buttered bread, and many other salads, like Dressed Herring Salad and Mimosa.

Then Simon showed us some German Christmas foodthis is where the hunger was unstoppable. There are so many great dishes, such as Roasted pork, beef rouladen, potato salad and pork schnitzel

We also shared how to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in our languages. In Finnish, Merry Christmas is “Hyvää joulua, while in German it’s “Frohe Weihnachten. In Russian, we say “С Рождеством!” and for New Year’s Eve, we say “С Новым Годом“.

It was a very nice meeting, and we are looking forward to Christmas already!

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