About the value of being present

I’ve been working on my thesis, and somehow we started to talk about it quite a lot. Last time the topic was our future, so this was a nice follow-on subject for that. My thesis is about Tantric Life Coach and creating business around that. 

I help people to be more present and compassionate to themselves. Tantra is about allowing, being conscious and aware. The focus is on the body, because it tells us more than our head. People spend way too much time in their heads, not in their bodies or hearts. Body, breath, movemeant, and being present to yourself is the key to wellbeing. General issues are also boundaries, needs and how to communicate those to others. Under everything of that, is the NEED (NECESSIDADE, this was hard to say) to be heard and seen, as an all-encompassing human being. Those moments can be really healing. The subject is sometimes hard to explain and pitch. But in the end I see all the time that people need it, and kind of yearn for it. We are all the same, as precious and loveable. There just might be some layers that will make us forget that, or emotions might be stuck in our bodies, and we need to make them move, so life can go on. 

Läsnäolo – Precense – Presença

Valmennus – Coaching – Coaching

Keho – Body – Corpo 

Tarve – Need – Necessidade

Tulla kuulluksi ja nähdyksi – To be heard and seen – Ser ouvida e vista

Hyväksyä – Accept / approve – Aceitar/aprovar 

Sallia – Allow – Permitir

Trauma – Trauma – Trauma

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