Eu estou vivendo para meu sonho se tornar real.

We talked about our future, goals and dreams today. It was so inspiring to hear Luiza’s dreams and I really did become emotionally moved while she talked about her mother. How terrible things can happen, and still there’s a chance to create a totally new life. As we see, our mind and actions make our reality. Humans are so strong if they just decide.
I’ve been a bit nervous and excited when it comes to my future. I’m about to graduate next month (hope so) and I feel I have been so busy that I have just wanted to focus on school and getting everything done. My dreams focus on being creative, inspiring and helping people to communicate better. I see myself as an artist, laughter yoga teacher, business consultant, dancer and as a life coach. I really want to be an entrepreneur, but it would be calming and safe to find a stable job at least for a couple of months. I also want to study more. Most important thing to me is to find a community, family and a partner. All of those are about love, growing and supporting each other. Let’s see and trust the process. Life is all about enjoyment. Luiza is so inspiring, how she has moved to Finland, wants to learn and live fully. I really admire the relationship which she has with her mom. This meeting was touching and really important to us. 

Minä elän unelmaani todeksi  – I’m living my dream to become true – Eu estou vivendo para meu sonho se tornar real.

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