Oh what a family! 

Family and the whole history of family is fascinating. Last few years I have been focusing quite a lot on some kind of tragedies and traumas. How wars and the way of being present and showing love or care to your family affects our being and the way of living. And how we see ourselves and others around us. And what we think we are capable of. And truly about how we can break those barriers. I see it’s all around the questions: “ Am I valuable?” or “Am I loved?” I like to go deep in these!

My family is so precious to me. I have three siblings. Thirteen cousins, and I’m about to become an aunt, which has deepened our family and made us even closer. It’s beautiful to see the changes and growth processes. Sometimes I miss the parties where almost all of your relatives joined from mother’s and father’s side. I see we Finns are quite private with our things and lives. While we shared our thoughts we studied words, just like always in our meetings, here’s few:

Family – família – perhe

Mom – mãe – Äiti

Father – pai – Isä

Brother – irmão – Veli

Sister – irmã – Sisko

Cousin – prima/primo – Serkku

Aunt – tia – Täti

Uncle – tio – Setä

Grandpa – avô – Isoisä, Pappa

Grandma – avó – Isoäiti, Mummo / Mummi

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