The German way

In this meeting I was able to teach the others about my German culture. I really enjoyed teaching others about the characteristics of my country, and only then did I see how many differences there really are and you start to think about things that are actually completely commonplace for you.

Since we all like food very much in our group, we also talked a lot about traditional German dishes in this meeting. I showed the others which regions are famous for which dishes and that there are also dishes where people argue about which region they come from. For example, the “Currywurst” (a sausage in a curry spiced sauce). In addition, we also have dishes that seem very unusual for non-Germans. For example, “Zwiebelmett”. This is raw minced pork with onions and is eaten on a bun. Sometimes the “Mett” is even served in the shape of a hedgehog, which of course seems very funny to other cultures.

At the end of the meeting, I also mentioned some typical German expressions. Some of them I thought only existed in German, but we found out that they also exist in a similar way in Finnish. As I said in the beginning, I really enjoyed talking about my own culture!

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