Waiting for the vacation so bad.

Oh I laughed at the dirty santa! Why haven’t I experienced that one! Haha! And perunalaatikko, I don’t understand how she loves it so much….Luiza’s Christmas sounds warm and really flexible  and easygoing. The foods were so different once again, not a surprise though. But still in my opinion I think there is so many thing better than perunalaatikko! I learned many foods in Portuguese. I’d like to taste the desserts and the rise with raisins because it just sounds too weird. Oh gosh Brazilians and their dirty Santas, and raisins and everything.

Couple of years ago I spent Christmas alone because I was working long days and my family lives 400 kilometers away. Luiza was quite shocked. For me it was an opening experience, quite meditative also. It made me think about what I really want from Christmas. Such a cliche, but Christmas for me is quality time with my family and little sisters and brother because we don’t see that often. We enjoy eating together and spending time outside and in the forest. And of course we have Joulusauna, in the morning. The Santa might be visiting again, after that we open the presents. This year we made a deal that everyone buys only one present for one family member. I promised to make some joulutorttu for Luiza, this wasn’t the last time we meet. ❤️

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