Our hometowns

During our 7th meeting, we decided to talk about our hometowns and tell each other more about them, as well as learning/teaching some key words in Finnish, Russian, and German.

I told guys about my hometown, Barnaul. It is a city in Siberia and has around 700.000750.000 inhabitants, so it is quite big. It is true that many people are surprised to hear that I come from such a big city when I tell them I am from Siberia. I was born there and lived there for 14 years before my family and I moved to Prague, the Czech Republic. It is not always winter in Barnaul, only for around 4 months :D It starts getting colder in October, when temperatures are around +1 degree, but the coldest months are December and January (it often gets to -35 during the day and even -43 degrees at night). But winters are very beautiful-often sunny and we have lots of snow. It is also very dry in winter, so the cold doesn’t feel as bad. During the summer, it is usually around +24 degrees, but it can get up to +35, which is really hot. In Barnaul, we have many universities, museums, and theaters. The Altai State University ranks very high in Siberia, drawing students from China and India to come study in Barnaul. I also wanted to teach guys some words in Russian, so here they are: Музей (muzey)-museum; школа (shkola)-school; кино (keeno)-cinema; зоопарк (zopark)-zoo; дом (dom)-house.

Elina told us about her hometown. She was born in Jyväskylä, a town which now has 144.000 inhabitants. When she was 16 years old, she moved to Tampere, but she said she still misses her hometown as she had a great childhood there. It is also a university town, so many people move in and out all the time. She also told us about the beautiful landmarks: lake Jyväsjärvi and Kuokkala bridge.

Then Simon told us about Viersen, a town that has around 70.000 inhabitants and is located only 10 minutes away from the Dutch border. He was born there and spent most of his life in Viersen. There are many forests, fields, and beautiful nature, so it is perfect for children to grow up there. It is also located close to

Düsseldorf (20 minutes away) and Cologne (50 minutes away).

This is some vocabulary that we learned with Simon:

Living in the countryside – Landleben


School – Schule

Good morning! – Guten Morgen!

Good evening! – Guten Abend!

Heini also told us about her hometown. It is called Ylöjärvi and has around 30.000 inhabitants. It is close to Tampere (20 minutes away) and there is lots of beautiful countryside around it. She moved to Tampere and lives there now, but she really wants to return to her hometown one day!

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