Holidays in Russia, Finland, Germany

In our fifth meeting, we first made general small talk about how we are all doing in our studies and then talked about the vacations and holidays in our different countries. I found it very interesting that in Russia there are summer vacations which last three months. This is very untypical for me because the summer vacations in Germany are only six weeks. However, we have another two weeks of school vacations in autumn, another two weeks at Christmas and another two weeks at Easter. I also found it interesting that Christmas in Russia is celebrated on the seventh of January and not on December 24. I think I had heard that before, but I was still surprised. In general, we found that there are many similarities between Finnish and Russian vacations. We also noticed that both in Russia, Finland, and Germany we have the first of May as a Labour Day holiday. I was not aware before that this is a cross-country holiday.

At the end of the meeting Heini told us about many Finnish holidays, which I did not know until then. For these holidays there are often special and own specialties to eat. That would be just the thing for me, as I love food.

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