Koko kokko kokoon

Timo and I were talking about sauna culture but before we realized it, the topic changed to tongue twister.

He taught me the following phrase:
Polta koko kokko.
Koko kokkoko?
Koko kokko.

That sounds like chirps of chickens!
I found its translation to Japanese on website of Embassy of Finland in Tokyo. 

Below is the most famous Japanese tongue twister:
Namamugi Namagome Namatamago (生麦生米生卵)
There is no meaning in that, but if translated, it means “raw wheat raw rice raw egg.” 

And he taught me the longest word in Finnish:
(Airplane jet engine helper mechanic noncommissioned officer student)

The longest Japanese persons name is the following:


It’s a fictitious name. Jugemu(寿限無) is one of the most popular stories of “Rakugo,” a traditional Japanese vowel entertainment.

I want to know what makes these pronunciations difficult for Finns when I get used to practice Finnish language!

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