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#6 Meeting, Finnish- English

Spring is here!

First year that I wasn’t spending Easter with my family (in Kuopio). So i desided to make Easter dinner at my place and invite some of my international friends, and one of them was Christine.  So on the first Easter day, we had a multicultural meal: for maincourse portugal, austrian and finnish dishes and desserts from Finland, Mexico, Portugal and Austria. Talked about many things but one of them was the finnish traditions relating to easter time. Also names of the foods in finnish.

After dinner some tasting of austrian drinks and playing games 🙂 Had a very nice evening!!


#5 Meeting, Finnish-English

Hello again!

On a nice sunny day, we desided to go cycling around the city!! We also took part on an easter egg hunt event, but were not successfull this time. But we had fun, enjoyed some fress air and also I taught Christine some traffic related fraces. While cycling, I used the oppertunity to teach how to say “to right” oikealle “to left” vasemmalle, and “straight ahead” suoraan. I think Christine learned them pretty well because there was so much repeating of the words. Also we talked about how to say in finnish: different kind of roads, vechicles and also some birds that we saw on the way!

We enjoyd the cycling so much that when we got back to my place I was suprised about the lenght of the trip!

At my place we had dinner and wrote down on paper the fraces we had been using outside, to make the learning more efficient.


#4 Meeting, Finnish-English


Over dinner, we talked about traditional finnish holidays, and I taught Christine the names in finnish. Joulu, Pääsiäinen, Juhannus…

Also showed her parts of this finnish tv- serie Karjalan kunnailla. To make an example of one way of celebrating Juhannus (very stereotypical) and how the nature looks like in the summer. Unfortunaltly there was no subtitles for the serie, but I translated some parts.


#3 Meeting 14.3, Finnish/English

Hello everyone!

We had our third meeting with Christine. First we went sledding and build things from snow. After that we went to the grocery store and in there we talked about some finnish things there. We desided to make some North- Austrian traditional food because Christine is from there. So under is pictures from the making of potato dumplings.

After the delicious meal, we practised how to say: quater to, half past, etc.  And since before we had practised numbers, and Christine had also practised them at home, I asked her to answer in finnish to questions like: how to say in finnish 25 past 6, or quater to 9.

It was a very nice sunday afternoon.



#2 Meeting 23.2, Finnish/English

For our second meeting we met at Tullintori shopping mall. We had coffee and something to eat.  After catching up we started the lesson. We went trought numbers, months, and somethings around those subjects.

As a teaching method, we used repeating, saying the words outloud, writing them, connecting words and paterns of the words togeher. And also I gave Christine a task to tell me mine and her birthdays in finnish, she could use the notes that she just wrote and she got them both right on the first time! I also gave her some random numbers and she had to tell them to me in finnish! We had a good time while learning/teaching!


#1 Meeting 6.2, Finnish/English

Christine and I have seen each other many times before the first lesson so for our first lesson, we decided to have a meal at my place. We went together to an K- Citymarket and got some finnish food!! Christine had already tried the “riisipiirakka” and some other traditional things. So then we ended up with black sausage “mustamakkara”, “kalakukko”, this one type of fish “silli, meatballs “lihapulla”, aaand other things. For desert we had this thing called breadcheese “leipäjuusto” with cloudberry (lakka) jam and salmiakkisuklaa (salmiakkichocolate)and normal salmiakki.

After eating we took some paper and pens and I taught Christine the food words that were on the table. It was a good idea that i said the word, and write it on the paper and the Christine wrote them.

We also went thought some basic things, me, you, him/her… in finnish and also family names.  Have to just try to relax with the teaching because there is so many things and different meanings in finnish langue that maybe i dont even know all of them 😀 Start with the simple things, try make it fun and teach some common phrases.

We had a really nice evening together.