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12th meeting; The last one


For out last meeting we went to have coffee at Wayne’s coffee. We didn’t have anything special planned so we just shared our experiences about this course and what we had learnt. We also talked about school ending and them flying home. Some from our group are leaving very soon but I guess everyone had booked their flights.

It’s sad that this experience is now over because it was really enjoyable to share my culture with people that are genuinely interested about it. First I wanted to learn only about France because I really knew nothing about it but then Soumaya from Germany joined us and the course got even more interesting.

One last thing I learnt was about  us Finns. One of us said the sentence “Finns never look happy”. It was so funny and it’s actually true if you ask from me 😀 They shared with me what they are going to miss in Finland and in Tampere. Over all we came into a conclusion that this was a great experience and we all learnt a lot but the best of all, we got new friends 😀 So I’d like to say a big Thank you to my group and wish you all the best when returning home!


11th meeting; Tourism in Germany


meeting 9 and meeting 11 for some of us. Because we had already talked about tourism in Finland and in France, obviously we talked about Germany this time.

First place we talked about was Berlin. I love the city and I’ve been there 3 times. We started by talking about the history and Berliner Mauer. The Berlin wall use to divide Berlin into east and west like the whole Germany was once divided during the World War 2. The Wall collapsed in November 9th 1989. Then we spoke about probably the most famous sight in Berlin, Brandenburger Tor. It’s a gate which used to be the checking point between east and west Berlin when the city was divided. Nowadays you can’t drive through it anymore. Then we spoke about the Germany Parliament house Reichtagsgebäude which is located close to Brandenburger Tor. We spoke about the glass architecture thing on top of the parliament building. And here is a picture of the building.

Berlin Capital City Of Germany_2

Then we talked about Hamburg where the biggest harbor of Germany is located. Zugsspitze which is the highest mountain in Germany and spitze actually means peak. Then about Munich or München which is famous for its car technology and BMW’s of course. Also the biggest Oktober fest (beer festival) is held in Munich.  Then to mention some other cities Köln is famous for it’s church and Frankfurt for its banks and businesses. I still really love Germany and I’ll definitely visit Munich like Somaya recommended.


10th meeting; Tourism in France


Our 10th meeting last week took place in TOAS city and we discussed tourism in France. All the French exchange students that we have many in our group were really excited about this subject and they talked so much that I lost track of the conversation at times. I learned a lot about France and about how wide that country must be. There you can enjoy a holiday in beach or go skiing in the Alps or the Pyrenees. I learned that Le Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe and it’s located in French Alps close to Italy. I have heard the mountain before but did not know that.

They started by talking about Paris and tried to keep it short but I can only remember them talking about Eiffel Tower and Notre Dam and all the most famous places.

map of sights

They showed us this kind of map about Paris and then told us about the sights and what you can do in Paris. The other cities they talked about were Marseilles and Lyon. Two from our group are actually from Lyon so they had a lot to tell us about their city. In the end they showed us a cool picture about the sand beach located in the coast of Atlantic ocean called Dunes du Pilat. We talked about France for a long time and I see now that they could have talked about it for hours and it would have been so interesting to listen to but we had to end for the day.


9th meeting; Tourism in Finland


on April 7th we had a meeting with our group and we talked about tourism in Finland. We wanted something different than just talk about vocabulary, we wanted places and pictures. We decided to have one meeting for each of our countries we are from and first was Finland.

First I showed them Iglu hotel Kakslauttanen that is located somewhere close to Ivalo in Lapland. We talked about the fact how cool it would be to spent a night there and see the northern lights but the place is really expensive and what if there was a cloudy night. Then I showed them Lumilinna (snowcastle) in Kemi. I was surprised to hear that some of them have visited there.

And of course there can not be a discussion about Finland without mentioning Sauna. I asked them if they have tried and how was it like. They told me how they have went to cold snow or to a cold lake from Sauna and they didn’t like it but good to hear they had tried it.

Them about the things they should experience in Tampere. They should visit Näsinneula ja Torni sky bar because where else could you see almost the whole city. We also talked about having munkki in Pyynikin näkötorni and adventuring the forest in Pyynikki because it’s beautiful. I also said that Vapriikki museum is good because there is the part about Tampere history and of course about ice hockey that seems to be important for us Finns.

Then in the end I found this small vocabulary from travelling site that you should study when visiting Finland:

  • Hyvää Huomenta : Good Morning
  • Hyvää Ruokahalua : Enjoy your meal (Bon appétit in french)
  • Kiitos : Thank you
  • Hyvää Päivänjatkoa : Have a nice day
  • Joulupukki : Santa Claus
  • Minä rakastan sinua : I Love You
  • Talvi : Winter
  • Hyvää yötä : Good night
  • Olen hukassa : I’m lost
  • Voitko puhua hitaammin ? : Can you speak slowly ?
  • En ymmärrä : I don’t understand
  • Nähdään myöhemmin : See you later

Everyone seemed to like En ymmärrä the most:D


8th meeting; Stockmann


for our 8th meeting we headed to Stockmann again because our previous meeting there had been so successful. This time we went to the makeup and clothing section.

English – French – German – Finnish

  • Perfume – parfum – Parfüm – hajuvesi
  • Showergel – gel douche – Bade shampoo – suihkusaippua
  • Toothpaste – dentifrice – Zahnpasta – hammastahna
  • Makeup – maquillage – meikki
  • Dress – robe – Kleid – Mekko
  • Jacket – manteau – Jacke – takki
  • Handbag – saca’main – Handtasche – käsilaukku
  • Pants- pantalon -Hose – housut
  • Shoes – chaussure  – Schuhe – kengät
  • Lipstick – rouge a leure – Lippenstift – huulipuna
  • Nailpolish – vernis – Nagellack – kynsilakka
  • Mascara – mascara – Wimperntusche – ripsiväri
  • Hair – chevelure – Haare – hiukset

There is some vocabulary we went over. There was so many other words also but I didn’t get it all down. I’m used to that when you talk about jacket, there is only one word for that in Finnish and it’s takki no matter what kind of jacket it is but in German and French you have different word for different kind of jackets and that really confused me. In the end of the meeting we talked about different brands that are from our countries and we all know. It was fun meeting again and still good way for learning.


7th meeting; at the grocery store


our 7th meeting we decided to continue with a food theme. We headed to Stockmann grocery store because it’s big and there you can find a lot of different things. We started with vegetables and fruits because they are in front of the store.

English – French – German – Finnish

  • Apple – pomme- Apfel – omena
  • Orange – orange – orange – appelsiini
  • Grape- raisin – Trauben – viinirypäle
  • Salad – salade – salat – salaatti
  • Fish – poisson – Fisch – kala
  • Meat – viande – Fleisch – liha

Among learning the words we found all kind of cool things we had never seen before and lost the main subject when discovering things.

We talked about the fact that in France and Germany the have these different small stores for different foods. Like they have a meat store and fish store but in Finland we just have this one big store that we have divided into sections where your can find everything under one roof. I was pretty suspicious about going to store and wondering around but it was pretty fun and we decided to have our next meething in Stockmann too but focus or clothing and makeup and that stuff. Going to the store is a really good way to learn.


6th meeting; Party


  • Happy birthday-Joyeux Anniversaire – Alles Gute zum Geburstaq – Hyvää syntymäpäivää

Ophelie had had a birthday earlier in the week so we had decided to talk about partying. We talked about partying habits like what people most like to drink and what time we usually go to the bar. Not my favorite subjects because I don’t party that much. I was surprised tho when they said that we go to the bar early and they close early. I learned that in some countries the bars close at 7am. I didn’t know that one before.

About drinks in France people drink vodka, Germany is beer and Finland beer or wine. They were surpised that my answer about Finland wasn’t vodka but that’s more Russian thing I think.

In the end we talked about famous days to celebrate. For example I told them about Vappu or the 1st of May. We also learned how to wish Merry Christmas and because Easter was coming we learned to say Happy Easter.

  • Joyeux Noël – Frohe Weihnachten -Hyvää Joulua
  • Joyeuses Pâques-Frohe Ostern-Hyvää pääsiäistä


5th meeting; food


our 5th meeting took place in TOAS city again. This time we had planned on tasting food so we really couldn’t go anywhere else.

We started by tasting some French cheese. The smell was pretty awful and I usually don’t like cheese but some of them were actually pretty okay. The French told us that the best way to try cheese is to have a glass of red wine to go with it but this time we only had cheese. We tried  Morbier, Tome de Savoie and Comté.

We also googled pictured of some famous dishes in France and I showed them what Finnish christmas table looks like. And because the meeting was about food and gastronomy I brought something Finnish for others to try. Because of the lack of time to cook I bought some Salmiakki and Fazer Marianne chocolate. It’s always so funny to see people’s faces when they try Salmiakki. Most of them didn’t like it but chocolate seemed to be better.

We didn’t have anything to try from Germany but we talked about some famous dishes like Bauernfrühstück, Sauerkraut mit weiswürstchen, Späzele, Kartoffelauflauf.  We also googled some pictures of them.


4th meeting; numbers and family

Hello again,

our fouth meeting we had in TOAS city with our whole group present so it was time to learn French, German and Finnish again.

So first the numbers (number-French-German-Finnish)

  • 1 – un- eins- yksi
  • 2- deux-zwei-kaksi
  • 3- trois-drei-kolme
  • 4-quatre-vier-neljä
  • 5-cinq-fünf-viisi
  • 6-six-secht-kuusi
  • 7-sept-sieben-seitsemän
  • 8-huit-acht-kahdeksan
  • 9-neuf-neun-yhdeksän
  • 10-dix-zehn-kymmenen
  • 0-zero-null-nolla

After I taught the numbers we noticed that Finnish is always the longest and well hardest I guess but it was funny to hear them trying to pronounce Finnish and they were pretty good at it.

Then we went over the family members but now I just realized we forgot to learn the word for family:D

  • Mom-Mère – Mutter – Äiti
  • Dad-Père – Vater – Isä
  • Sisiter-Soeur – Schwester – Sisko
  • Brother-Frère – Bruder – Veli
  • Aunt-Tante – Tante – Täti
  • Oncle = Onkel= Setä
  • Cousin-Cousin(e) – Cousin – Serkku
  • Grandma-Grand mère – Großmutter- Isoäiti/mummu
  • Grandpa-Grand père – Großvater-Isoisä/pappa,vaari

There in the French word for sister there should be this letter that looks like o and e joined together but I don’t know how to do that letter with my keyboard and I can’t even remember how to pronounce it anymore, it was a new thing for me.

For the next meeting we’ll talk about Gastronomy in France.


3rd meeting; how to introduce yourself


We had our first meeting with our entire big group present. Because of the big group it’s quite hard to find big enough space for all of us so we met at TOAS city. It wasn’t the most comfortable place but it was okay.

Because we have three languages involved we decided to learn some basic stuff like how to introduce ourselves and that way also learn to know each other.

  • Je m’appelle (Fr) = My name is (en) = Mein name ist (Ge) = Minun nimeni on (fi)
  • Je suis âgée de 21 ans (Fr) = I am 21 (En) = Ich bin 21 Jahre Alt (Ge) = Minä olen 21 vuotta vanha/vuotias (Fi)
  • Bonjour (Fr) = Hello (En) = Guten Tag (Ge) = Moi, Hei, Hyvää Païvää (Fi)
  • Je viens de Finlande (Fr) = I’m from Finland (En) = Ich komme aus Finnland (Ge) = Minä olen/tulenSuomesta (Fi)
  • Merci (Fr) = Thank you (En) = Danke/Danke schön (more formal)  (Ge) = Kiitos (Fi)
  • S’il vous plait (Fr) = Please (En) = Bitte/Bitte schön (more formal)(Ge)
  • Désolée (Fr) = Sorry (En) = Entschuldigung (Ge) = Anteeksi (Fi)

The most surprising for the foreigners was that we don’t have a translation for the word pleace. We then came into a conclusion that we are rude people:D then we discussed if French are actually ruder than Finns but I can’t remember the result of the conversation anymore.

For me French is just really hard to pronounce but I still tried and did my best. German is easier because I have studied that for 9 years. At the end we decided that next time we’ll meet at TOAS city again and learn numbers at least from 1-10 and family members and maybe go over the stuff we have learned before to see how well we can remember them.