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Final Meeting

In the final meeting we again practiced the things which we have been practicing in our previous meetings. This time I opened internet and asked Henna some questions in English for which the answers were needed to be a bit long. This way, she practiced a bit of her English language skills.

We did Finnish role playing thing where we took roles of shopkeepers, bus drivers, customers and communicated with each other. It was a nice meeting and then we said Farewell and left as that was our final meeting! 🙁

Ninth Meeting

We had our ninth meeting at Y-kampus. It was comfortable and quiet to sit there. We started off by talking about the weather in English and then Henna asked us to explain the weather in Finnish. We just said 1-2 lines each as I still need to work on making finnish sentences but I have improved a bit.

Then, we had some question Elise’s Finnish exam test and Henna asked us those question which we answered in Finnish. I had a lot of problem making sentences and it took more time than I expected but somehow I did managed to make them.

Eighth Meeting

We had our eighth meeting at TAMK campus cafe. We started by talking about telling each other what were we doing in previous days and then practiced Finnish speaking again by taking on different roles. We talked in English and asked Henna different questions which she had to describe in English language. It was a short meeting and we didn’t did a lot but we still practiced.

Seventh Meeting

We had our seventh meeting at Aleksanterin Kirkko (Church), opposite to metso library. This was decided in our previous meeting so we all met there. Unfortunately, when we went to the church it was closing but we managed to go inside and sit for around 10 min. We read some brochures, Henna told me about different things about the church.

Then, with Elize we moved to Metso library so we can sit inside and have practice the languages. First, we moved around a bit in the library section, went to foreign section to find books in different languages. Then, we went to the music section, we saw the books for musicians which didn’t made any sense to us. Finally, we sat in the cafe in the Metso library.

We practiced by role playing, Henna helped us with out mistakes. We had some discussions about Finnish culture & people. Then we discussed about other cultures too and how they behave. It was an informative conversation. For example, I came to know how many times to greet a person with kiss in different countries. It was different in European countries depending on their culture.

The meeting lasted for a round 2 hours and then we walked back to Keskustori and everybody took their buses and went home.



Sixth Meeting

Our group’s sixth meeting was at school after two weeks of the last meeting. We started off by talking with each other and asking random question from Henna so we can help her practice English language. Then, me and Elize communicated in Finnish by introducing ourselves, telling a bit about our family members and their ages.

Then we again switched to English, allowing Henna to communicate with us. In between, if she needed help we would help her but her English is already quite good.

The meeting lasted for more than an hour as some of us were in a bit of a hurry but decided to meet at the church for our next meeting.



Fifth Meeting at Indian Restaurant

All 3 of us met next day after our fourth meeting at an Indian Restaurant for Lunch. We chose this place because Henna wanted to eat the things I eat in my country. Even though I am not an Indian but our food is quite similar.

We met outside the restaurant at 11 in the morning for the lunch buffet. I tried to explain them a little about the food but there were some dishes which even I was not sure about so we just tried them together and the food was delicious. We all liked it and after eating we sat there and started having discussion about different things. Henna told us some Finnish words related to food. For example, “Kastike” which means sauce.

Everyone was in a hurry and we were half of our time was spent eating so we didn’t really had a long meeting but it was still productive because we spoke a little Finnish and Henna spoke English with us.

Fourth Meeting At School (Y-kampus)

We had our fourth meeting at school in Y-kampus and this time we had a new person who joined our group as their group broke up and she wanted to continue learning Finnish Language. Me and Henna met Elise for the first time and she was quite willing to learn Finnish language.

Anyway, after the initial introduction we discussed our future schedule and the strategy to use to learn finnish language. Then, Henna gave us some situations in which we both had to speak in Finnish language. We started with a situation in which I was the bus driver and Elise had to buy a ticket from me in Finnish Language. It was difficult for both of us but we managed to do it somehow. Then, we reversed the roles and this time I had to buy bus ticket from her. This time it went better than before because we already knew what to say.

The next scenario was based in a super market where we had to ask the shop worker to help us find something from the market. She started by asking me to help find apples. Then again we switched the roles and spoke in Finnish. This way we were practicing our speaking skills because we already knew the basic word but we couldn’t speak them due to lack of practice.

Overall, the meeting went quite well and then we had to leave. We decided to meet next day at a restaurant.

Third Meeting at School Library

We had our third meeting in the library at TAMK. There I managed to find a quite place with free table so it was easy for us to sit down and communicate without disturbing others. We started off in english with day to day questions. After that, Henna helped me in translating some sentences from English to Finnish which I wrote in my notebook so I could memorize them later.

Then, she started asking questions from me in Finnish language and I had to answer them in Finnish language. I understood almost all her questions but there were some words I did not understood so I had to ask her to repeat them several times. It was difficult for me to answer immediately as this was the first time I was having a long conversation with someone in Finnish. I was not spontaneous but it was a new experience which made me realized how much bad I was at speaking Finnish Language. After a nice conversation, we ended our meeting and will meet now in the next week.

Second Meeting at Tampere Public Library

We had our second meeting at the Public library in Tampere (Pääkirjasto Metso). We met outside the building and then went inside together. I haven’t been to that library before so it was a new experience for me. Overall, i liked the library and there were a lot of books in foreign languages. I also found some literature books in my own native language, which I was not expecting to be there as it is a rare language in Europe but it was good to see them there.

We started by looking around, checking out some of the books. I wanted to read Shakespeare’s Hamlet and we tried finding the book in the library. We found the book but after a lot of search . After that, we had a chat for more than 1 hour. We talked in English. The discussion was mainly on different topics but it was fun. We a talked a bit about finnish language too. Then we scheduled our next meeting and left It was a nice day!

1. First Meeting at TAMK

I had my first meeting with my partner who is going to teach me Finnish language and I am going to help her with English spoken skills. We met at TAMK and we started by getting to know each other. We gave a little introduction and told about ourselves to each other. Then, we shared our plans/ideas on how to learn the languages from each other and which parts do we lack in.

We made a rough draft on how we will proceed with learning the languages. For example, I asked her to help me translate sentences from Finnish to English and then I will learn them and she could then take a small test to see how I am progressing. We tried to keep it simple, no complex things like grammar as we both just need to be able to communicate in daily life.

Also, we decided the place where we would go in the next meeting (which is Tampere public library) and where can or should meet in upcoming meetings. Our first meeting was quite fun and now we know a little about each other so we will be more comfortable in communication and learning next time.