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The end of a busy summer

Final meeting of drinking!

So for the last meeting, we decided we would go out with a bang, quite literally, and have a good old game of drinking FIFA. Really just like normal FIFA, except there are punishments for every mistake you make and I can say that we ended up making more and more as it day grew shorter.

During this we thought it would make sense to translate words associated with the whole escapade.

Danish                                                  English                                                                 Spanish

Vin                                                         Wine                                                                     Vino

Chips                                                     Crisps                                                                    Patatas fritas

Fodbold                                               Football                                                                Futbol

Straffe                                                  Penalty                                                                 Penalti

Gult kort                                              Yellow card                                                         Tarjeta amarilla

Rødt kort                                             Yellow card                                                         Tarjeta roja


It feels great to be finally over. Not because I do not wish to learn anymore, but we both have been very busy doing the whole summer and haven’t been able to finish earlier and it’s just been on the back of my mind. So thank you Gareth, I’m sure we will be teacher each other more in the future!

Sushi for life

9th meeting, sushi style!

This time we had decided to go to Gareths favorite sushi place called Roka Sushi and I was intrigued to say the least. I have always been a huuuuge fan of Sushi so trying out yet another place was a must for me! We first had gone to the gym so when we finally arrived we were damn hungry!

Gareth and one of our friends ended up ordering sushi and I ended up having a change of mind so tried one of their chicken dishes so that we could all try and share!

It ended up being a great decision and despite the food being a bit pricey it really was such an amazing meal and I definitely have to go there again.

Sadly we were so hungry that we had eaten everything before we got to take a picture of the  magnificent meal.

Here is a list of the few words we decided to teach each other while eating.

Danish                                                                  English                                                                 Spanish

Ris                                                                          Rice                                                                        Arroz

Kylling                                                                   Chicken                                                                Pollo

Salat                                                                      Salad                                                                     Ensalada

Gulerod                                                               Carrot                                                                   Zanahoria

Fisk                                                                        Fish                                                                        Pez

Rå                                                                           Raw                                                                       Crudo

Suppe                                                                   Soup                                                                      Sopa

Forced fun

As a HR assignment we were forced into groups to be all fuzzy and cudly and therefore we had to go out and bond with the rest of the team and I weren’t particular happy about it and I believe Gareth wasn’t either.
Despite the forced bonding we decided to go and give it our best and it ended up being a fairly ok experience talking with new students and of course, a beer now that we had to play pool (As you can see in the pic).

We tried learning just a few words this time as to not load on too much as we might have the other times and here is the list.

Danish                                                                  English                                                                 Spanish

Øl                                                                            Beer                                                                      Cerveza

Pool                                                                       Pool                                                                       Billar

Kø                                                                           Cue                                                                       Palo de billar

Venner                                                                 Friends                                                                 Amigos

Rusland                                                                 Russia                                                                   Rusia

Frankrig                                                                France                                                                  Francia

EARLI bird gets the worm

Time for the 7th EOTO meeting. Early summer, Gareth and I both decided to volunteer at the EARLI and JURE event as part of our HR module as we’d be able to skip out on a lousy essay and get a lovely addition to the CV. I was doing cloak-room duty the whole week for 6-7 hours every day and it was kind of tough but also rather enjoyable as this specific post enabled me to talk more with the participants which turned out to be a very nice experience.

Furthermore, Gareth was able to stop by every now and then between his shifts so I didn’t have to be completely bored during some sessions as I was always guarding/working at the place alone!

Spanish                                                            Danish                                                       English

Arriba                                                                 Op                                                              Up

Derecha                                                            Højre                                                        Right

Izquierda                                                           Venstre                                                   Left

Abajo a la derecha                                       Ned og så til højre                                Down and to the right

Abajo                                                                 Ned                                                           Down

Arriba a la izquierda                                     Op og så til venstre                             Up and to the left

Recto                                                                  Lige/Lige ud                                           Straight

Cruza la calle                                                  Over vejen                                              Cross the street

Cerca                                                                Tæt på                                                        Close

Lejos                                                                   langt væk                                                Far


Honestly I haven’t been able to remember many of the words yet as I wasn’t able to use them as much in practice as I was mostly speaking, Danish, German and English at the event, but I guess I’ll try to practice a bit when I need to call out the enemy position while gaming with Gareth!

6th meeting, GOT STYLE

In light of the recent release of the new episode of Game of Thrones, Gareth and I, decided to have a language class with words referring to the series we both love and adore! Personally this has been my favorite class besides our little exchange of foods as I am a freak for Game of Thrones and hopefully Gareth’s opinion wasn’t too far off mine.

As always we prepared a word list to  match the words in English, Danish and Spanish.

Danish                                                                  English                                                                        Spanish

Hest                                                                       Horse                                                                               Caballo

Ulv                                                                         Wolf                                                                                      Lobo

Gud                                                                       God                                                                                       Dios

Vinter                                                                   Winter                                                                             Invierno

Sværd                                                                   Sword                                                                              Espada

Dolk                                                                       Dagger                                                                              Navaja

Spøgelse                                                              Ghost                                                                          Fantasma

Borg                                                                       Castle                                                                              Castillo

Sommer                                                               Summer                                                                          Verano

Herre                                                                    Lord                                                                                      Señor

Kongens hånd                                                   The Kings hand                                          La mano del rey

Drage                                                                    Dragon                                                                             Dragon

Dværg                                                                   Dwarf                                                                                 Enano


I hope that we will be able to possible have yet another “class” about possibly gaming or another series, even if it means deviating from our pre-made plan!


5th Meeting, traditions

For our 5th meeting, Gareth and I have been looking into the different traditions in each of our respective countries and I tried to take a look at some of the funny traditions in Denmark.

For me, Spain still seems like a very religious country just like many others and sometimes coming from Denmark where many aren’t religious anymore, that can be feel a bit weird. With that said it does indeed look very pretty and I would be very interested in the Spanish tradition on June 21st.

In Denmark we have this tradition (mostly on Jutland as far as I know), where on your 25th birthday, if you are not married you will have cinnamon poured all over you (you’re only in your underwear) and often tied to a pole.

Again when you turn 30, you and are still unmarried you will have tons of black pepper poured all over your body. The origin of both traditions is rather unclear, but they make for some hilarious photos and moments.

Gareth seemed to find it rather amusing and would want to participate!

P.s. As you can see, some really take it to the next level ( though with clothes on)

Danes also love their Christmas and my hometown in particular, was rather fond of Christmas and Elf’s and are therefore called Elf town. This seems to be something I haven’t seen as much other places and there would be Elf’s all over town.


Gareth was already starting to love Denmark more, but I am sure he started to enjoy it EVEN MORE after introducing him to these funny traditions!

4th meeting with mi amigo

04/05/2017                         4th Meeting, Nicolai And Gareth, Useful everyday sentences


As stated above, today we wanted to focus on different sentences that would be useful in the every day. It was fairly easy to quickly think of a few words and sentences that I used in Denmark and Gareth quickly catched on.

As always pronunciation wasn’t much of a problem for neither me nor Gareth and I am pretty sure that we will be using these a lot, as I already know I have a few things I learned that I keep using over and over.


Danish                                                                  English                                                                  Spanish

Ikke noget                                                           Nothing                                                                Nada

Lige præcis                                                          Exactly                                                               Exactamente

Det ved jeg ikke                                                I don’t know                                                       Yo no se

Hvad er der?                                                      What’s wrong?                                                  Que te pasa?

Det ligemeget                                                    It doesn’t matter                                              No importa

Vi kan snakke senere                                     We can talk later                          Podemos hablar luego

Hvad hedder du?                                             What’s your name?                                   Como te llamas

Er du ok?                                                             Are you ok?                                                        Estas bien?

Hvad laver du?                                                  What are you doing?                     Que estas haciendo?

I think all these will be useful to Gareth to use whenever he will travel back to Denmark as they are very commonly used in the everyday language.



Spontaneous online meeting

Initially we planned on doing the meeting at solu after our school finished, but as both of us were pretty tired and me specifically starving, we decided to have our meeting on Discord. (The application similar to skype described in the first post).

We tried having a look at slang in both our respective countries and started by picking up a few English sentences we then would try and translate into what would make the most sense in our languages.

I had thought about it before going to this topic but translation proved to be a bit difficult. When translating sentences and specifically slang and other sentences alike you are not able to translate it directly as it will lose its meaning. Furthermore, we in Denmark use many English words so a lot of them are completely the same, but I tried translating into what I believed would be the closest equivalent in Danish.

Here is a list of the words:

Spanish                                                English                                                                  Danish

Vale                                                       Alright/ok/fine                                                  Ok/ I orden

¡Venga, vale!                                     Alright, fine!                                                       Ok, Fint!

Que vá, tío                                          No way, man                                                      Det kan ikke passe

Tío/tía                                                   Bro/Sis (Normally means uncle/auntie)   Makker

¡Venga ya, hombre!                        Come on, man!                                                 Kom nu, mand!

Buenas o ’nas                                    What’s up                                                            Hva så?

Pasta                                                     Money                                                                 Penge

Ven pa’ca                                            Come over here                                                Kom herover

Ser buena gente                               To be a cool guy                                                At være sej/fed

Ser un coñazo                                     To be a pain in the ass                                   At være irriterende

Estar en pelotas                                To be naked                                                      At være nøgen

Chulo                                                     Cool.                                                                     Fedt/sejt
Practicing and and learning these new words have for me been rather easy. Not easy in the way that I’ll remember them all, but easy when it comes to pronunciation. I have always had a knack for languages and this seems to carry on for Spanish as well.
Gareth is doing good on pronounciation in my opinion. I have tried teaching many people few bits and pieces before and I teach my girlfriend every now and then as well, but Gareth seems to trump her when it comes to being the better at pronouncing the tricky Danish words!

A culinary experience!


Gareth and I met up in town, where we decided to go shopping for everything that we might need.

We had already pre-decided what we were going to make. I decided I would make him the danish style Cinnamon roll, in danish “Kanelsnegl”, (Danes love cinnamon rolls!!!!!) and I had already gotten word that I would be trying out a Spanish sandwich.

I was excited to see how the sandwich would be different from the ones I make myself in Denmark and boy was I blown away.

The suttle taste of Aioli mixed with tomato, lettuce, ham, egg mayo and salt was absolutely delicious and it was the first time I had ever liked a sandwich with tomatos in it.

Luckily it seemed as if Gareth also liked the danish Cinnamon rolls that he had been craving ever since he first visited his other friends in Denmark!

Can’t wait for the next culinary experience!

Danish Cinnamon rolls and Spanish Sandwiches
Danish Cinnamon rolls and Spanish Sandwiches

1st meeting at SOLU!

Meeting nr. 1:

As stated in the preliminary plan, we decided to start off with basic greetings, pronunciations as well as different etiquettes when it comes to meeting and greeting in Denmark and Spain.

Before meeting we had already decided on what we would be teaching each other and had chosen different English words, phrases and more, which we then translated into our respective languages.

Myself and Gareth, are classmates and therefore our schedule aligns perfectly. For this particular meeting, we decided to meet after school at Solu, to enjoy the free coffee and cozy atmosphere. We were sure this would sky rocket our learning process!

Spanish (Español)                    English (Inglés/Engelsk)                                   Danish (Dansk)

Hola                                            Hello                                                                     Hej

Buenos dias                               Good day                                                             Goddag

Buenos dias                               Good morning                                                    Godmorgen

Buenas tardes                           Good afternoon                                                 God eftermiddag

Buenas tardes                           Good evening                                                     God aften

¿Quieres comer?                     Do you want to eat?                                          Er du sulten?

¿Hola, como estas?                 Hey, how are you?                                             Hey, hvordan har du det?

¿Que tal?                                  How is it going?                                                  Hvordan går det?

Adios                                          Good bye                                                             Farvel

Hasta pronto                            See you soon                                                      Vi ses snart

Meet and greet etiquette in Spain

In Spain, the men usually greet each other by shaking hands or a hug. Meanwhile, with the women it is weird shake hands and you should give them a hug and two kisses. One kiss on each cheek.

You would usually ask, “How is the family / How is your day going?”. However, you shouldn’t necessarily expect a real reply, as it is more commonly used as a greeting. It is also common to say “Como estamos?” which essentially means “How are we”, but it is interpreted as asking someone how they are.


Meet and greet etiquette in Denmark

In Denmark, men and women greet each other in a similar matter. Usually, the first time you greet someone or formal occasions, you will shake hands. There on after, you can continue to greet each other by giving a short hug or a simple heads up.

In Denmark it’s common to use English words and therefore many greetings can consist of everything from Hey, sup, yo, what’s up and hej. Greetings like good day and so on are usually not used in a casual matter and in the morning you would only be hearing people say “ ‘morning”.

-Nicolai Søndergaard and Gareth Hunter