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Our tenth and last meeting for this course. We went to shopping mall with Christin to look some souvenirs and Christmas presents. This time we didn’t taught much for each others. We still practiced some vocabulary about all kind of things that are in shopping malls.

store – kauppa – Geschäft

restaraunt – ravintola – Restaurant

lobby – aula – Empfangshalle (but no one says that; usually we also say lobby)

door – ovi – Tür

toilet – vessa – Toilette

clothes – vaatteet – Klamotten

shoes – kengät – Schuhe

grocery – elintarvikkeet – Lebensmittel

jewelry – korut – Schmuck

bench – penkki – Bank

garage – autotalli – Garage

parking slot – parkkipaikka – Parkplatz

sign – kyltti, opaste – Schild

escalator – rullaportaat – Rolltreppe

elevator – hissi – Aufzug

stairs – portaat – Treppe


This was our last meeting for the course and I have learned some words and many things about Germany’s culture. We still want to meet at least one more time when Hamza gets back in Finland.


In our ninth meeting we decided to have lunch at school cafeteria. We taught each others some vocabulary about food and dishes.

potato – peruna – Kartoffel

meat – liha – Fleisch

fish – kala – Fisch

milk – maito – Milch

water – vesi – Wasser

spoon – lusikka – Löffel

fork – haarukka – Gabel

knife – veitsi – Messer

plate – lautanen – Teller

mug – muki – Tasse

glass – lasi – Glas

bread – leipä – Brot

juice – mehu – Saft

rice – riisi – Reis

chicken- kana – Hühnchen

pasta – pasta – Nudeln / Pasta


This was one of the last days Christin would spend at school campus so we thought it would be nice to have lunch there. Next meeting will be our last for this course and we thought we could go somewhere to look some souvenirs for Christin to bring home.


Our eighth meeting took a place at Christmas market in the center of city. It is nearly Christmas time so we thought that raising some xmas spirit was on the place. We taught some Christmas vocabulary to each others at the same time.

Christmas – Joulu – Weihnachten

Santa Claus- Joulupukki – Nikolaus

snow – lumi – Schnee

christmas tree – joulukuusi – Weihnachtsbaum  (Christbaum)

candle – kynttilä – Kerze

decoration – koriste – Dekoration

star – tähti – Stern

peace – rauha – Frieden

family – perhe – Familie

reindeer – poro – Rentier

snowman – lumiukko – Schneemann

present – lahja – Geschenk

candy – karkki – Süßigkeiten

chocolate – suklaa – Schokolade

(and German also have these special cookies we bake during chrismas time they are called ”Plätzchen” in my dialect)


In overall market was nice but we really missed snow. I hope we get white Christmas this year.


Our seventh meeting took a place at school, campus café. Me and Christin talked more about internships. We talked about job interviews in common.

This meetings agenda wasn’t learning any languages but just talk about something. We discussed pretty much about Finland’s landscape and nature. It was nice that we got some snow in Monday but sadly it melted away on the very next day. We talked about different cities of Finland and Lapland. In Lapland there should be snow by now.

Then we discussed something about Munchen and Oktoberfest. It feels crazy how many people go to participate for this festival in October. Oktoberfest seemed to be quite expensive. Next time it is time to learn something new again in point of languages.


On our sixth meeting we met at Pella’s Cafe at center of town. Me and Christin talked about internships here in Finland and at Germany. We also discussed little bit about our work experience.  After few moments we started to learn languages again and the subject this time was body parts like eyes, ears, nose etc.

Some things I learned…

Hair = Haar
Eyes = Augen
Nose = Nase
Ears = Ohren
Hands = Hände
Cheek = Wange
Neck = Hals
Mouth = Mund
Lips = Lippen
Teeth = Zähne
Arm = Arm
Leg = Bein

In the end of meeting we discussed some things about Pre-Christmas parties that are called like Little Christmas in Finland. I found out that Little Christmas parties are kind of a thing in Finland at least and are not so common in Germany. Here in Finland many companies, organizations and friend groups are arranging those Pre-Christmas parties. Next time we meet it’s time to learn something new again.


Our fifth meeting took a place at school main campus. This time Christin taught me some Germany. I learned about asking where is something and how to guide a way for someone. We also went through some vocabulary about basic places at school. Here are some things i learned on our fifth meeting!







gerade aus=forward

zurueck=back (y=ue)

wissen sie wo die schule ist=where is school?

wissen sie den weg (dorthin) zur schule=where is school? in more formal way


fachhochschule (FH)=university of applied sciences


und dann=and then

buecherei (bib)=library


Vorlesungssaal=lecture hall

Seminarräume=class room (used mostly in universities instead of Klassenzimmer)

Mensa=school restaraunt





Haupteingang=main entrance




Prof.=professor (this is used in spoken language)


tafel/schwarzes brett/informations tafel=notice board




After learning some Germany i helped Christin to put sales ad on with Finnish language.

Next time it is my turn to teach some Finnish again.


Our fourth meeting took a place at Public Corner. Public Corner is a bar in center of the city. First we discussed how everyone has been in past days. Our agenda for this time was just to meet up somewhere and talk about our cultures.

We talked about cities in Germany and Finland. We also discussed about working in above-mentioned countries. Our one subject was to talk about how our languages have some similar foreign languages. Like Finnish has lot of similarities with Estonian language. Germany has lot of different kind of spoken languages. ’’High Germany’’ is the one used on writing but for an example people who lives in Belgium or Switzerland have their own ways to speak the language.

We wrapped up the meeting after a hour or so and decided to continue learning the languages itself next time!


Our third meeting took a place at Fazer Cafe in center of a town. We decided to proceed with me teaching Finnish. First we catched up with each other then i started to teach numbers in Finnish. I taught numbers between 1-20 after that i taught the ”pattern” all forwarding numbers had. In the end i think my group understood how it works until 1000! They also were kind of surprised about how easily numbers work in Finnish language because everything else is so hard. After i was done teaching numbers we discussed about Christmas culture  differences between Germany and Finland. I got the understanding that Christmas cultures are kind of same in both countries. We also discussed about weather in general and wondered when we will have some snow!

Second meeting at Arboretum -park

On our second meeting Hamza, Christin and me agreed to go to Aboretum -park which is at Hatanpää. First we walked around the park and small talked with each others.

After our walk around the park we decided to get coffee from the cafe and Christin started to teach us Germany. We started with basics like greetings, introducing yourself and included some verbs. Then we learned some basic sentences like how to greet someone and ask how they are doing. We also learned to make orders from cafe with German language. I’m looking forward to learn more!

Next time it is time for me to teach more Finnish to them.

Sky Bar (Finnish-German)

Hello everyone! Our first meeting took a place at Moro Sky Bar at Torni -hotel. Our Each 1 Teach 1 -group has three people, me (Jan-Henrik), Christin and Hamza. I am teaching Finnish and Christin is teaching German.

First we talked about how our cultures differ from each other.  I learned that German people are not so different from Finnish people but they might be little more extroverts.

At our first meeting i taught Finnish. We started with basics like how to greet people. Then i taught personal pronouns and how to use them in different sentences.  We talked a lot about how much spoken language can differ from written language in Finnish.

Next time Christin will teach us German and we are going to meet at Arboretum park.