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Fourth Meeting (Periscope)

For the fourth meeting, we went to Ratina Periscope. First, we practiced the greetings in both languages and tried to compare the differences and similarities. In Finnish, it is Hei for formal, and Moi is kind of informal, which is used for example between people who already know each other. In Persian, it always starts with Salam in both formal and informal cases.

Since Persian is new for her and I have some practice in Finnish. It goes a little bit slow sometimes. We continued writing the Persian Alphabets and its pronunciations.

د – daal

ذ – zaal

ر – rey

ز – zey

س – siin

ش – shiin

Third Meeting (Painting)

On our third meeting, we decided to do some color painting and at the same time talk about different topics in Finnish.

It was a good idea to learn while painting. So, it was also a good opportunity to learn the colors both in Persian and Finnish. I wrote all the colors in Finnish and Persian so she can understand it easily. In Persian, we have some compound words, sh, ch, zh, and gh which are a little difficult to pronounce for other language speakers. At the last meeting, we started writing and pronouncing the Persian alphabet and so we continued this time. I wrote to her the next four alphabets of Persian language with their pronunciations. Which are:

ج – gim

ح – he

خ – khe

چ – che

Second Meeting (Café Europe)

Yesterday we met at Café Europe for almost two hours. It was my second time there and this time we tried to discuss different topics in Finnish. I was trying to talk about everything in Finnish and Linnea was helping me.

I have problem using joku, jonkin, and jokin, so we tried to work on it for a while and it was not easy to learn it easily. For better pronunciation, Linnea was keen to learn Persian alphabets and numbers 1 – 9.

Only five per meeting:

ا ب پ ت ث

And the numbers”

۱ ۲ ۳ ۴ ۵ ۶ ۷ ۸ ۹

In Persian, we write from the left to the right.

It was quite easy for her to pronounce it for the first time. I also teach her subject pronouns Linnea had a surprise for me ‘Kuusi palaa’, which has 9 different meanings and we went through all of them. She also brought me a grammar book, which we will talk about it more during the coming meetings.

We also had time to discuss subject pronouns and use them in sentences.

Nämä – nuo – ne – tämä – tuo – se

Culture is always a good topic to talk about. We talked about each other’s culture adjustments for the rest of the time.


Displaying tell me about yourself

First Meeting (TAMK Library)

On Monday the 18th of March, we had our first meeting. The meeting started at 14:30 and lasted for almost three hours. We covered different topics at the meeting. We went through each other's goals and expectations toward learning the language. First, we planned our 10 future meetings and then we discussed the differences in both cultures. We set a goal to make all the meetings by the end of next month because Linnea is leaving for an internship to Mikeli and she has to be there by the first week of May.

We tried to have most of the talking in English in order to understand better and remember everything we planned. We also tried to talk in Persian and Finnish. We had a long conversation in Finnish. Linnea started asking me questions in Finnish to get an idea of how is my skills. Starting from simple questions we were able to talk about for a while in Finnish. We agreed that whenever I make any mistake, she will point it out, correct it and ask me to repeat it again. I learned a new word 'kerinneet' which I have never heard before. I also tried to tell her about my language and at least I told her three words in Persian.

Book - Ketab

Pen - Qalam

Notebook - Ketabcha

So, in the coming sessions, I will teach her how to pronounce the Persian alphabet and also numbers, name of things, fruits, animals, daily greetings, and the name of Persian foods. The meeting was interesting and we were excited to learn more in the coming sessions.


We continued with the Persian language practice. I explained her some cultural differences between Finnish’s and Afghan’s. There is a tremendous difference between these two cultures. What found similar is the mämi, in Afghanistan, we call it Samanak (a kind of Afghan dish which is made of wheat). Its an old tradition in Afghanistan.  People don’t cook Samanak in their daily life, they cook it once a year and in March.  The very popular dish in Afghanistan that people cook that on Nowroze and that is Samanak. Women cook this dish at the time of night and they invite their relatives and friends. When they are cooking this dish, girls are signing its song, dancing, and walking around this dish, and in the morning they eat that and also they send a plate of Samanak to their neighbors.


It was time to practice more Persian with Anna. We repeated what we discussed in the last meetings. Anna is good at pronouncing the Persian words and alphabets because most of them pronounce close to Finnish alphabet. For example,  a b and c in Persian which is like آ ب ث pronounce the same as a b and c in Finnish. That makes it easy for Anna to pronounce the Persian Alphabets.  I have also shown her a video clip which is called the alphabet song. There are some kids who sing the Alphabet and use it in a word, which is very useful for new learners and also for kids as their own native language.


Today our topic was talking about job interviews and we looked together some web pages and we were also talking about some movies.

I tried to introduce myself in a job interview and tell about my situation. Anna helped me with saying or using the right ways of saying some Finnish words and sentences.

I tried to explain in Finnish to Anna, what kind of movies I like and whether there are some Finnish tv series which I could watch to improve my Finnish language skills. She suggested some like Karppi and Sorjonen. I like watching movies and tv series, that makes me learn a lot from the subtitles. It is a very efficient way of learning for me


Today we were talking about how to ask for something in a shop and also making different foods and breakfast. The target was to correct some mistakes during the conversation and use the appropriate ones.

I explained to Anna how I was looking for matcha in the shops and explaining to the shopkeeper what and where it is, after a long time I could find it and I made some macarons at home. I tried to tell the making process to Anna in Finnish as it was a little bit hard, but she helped me with it.

We also talked about drinking tea habbit, in Afghanistan people do not drink coffee but tea, they drink almost 5 cups of black or green tea in a day, but still, you can find coffee in the shops and restaurants.