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Roll the Swissroll

I told you that we went to Lidl to bought some groceries on saturday. So here is the results what we baked yesterday.

Marengue swissroll filled with whipped cream and blueberries. You can see the recipe on Tabeas blogpost. So go ahead and check it from there. There is also pictures how to make swissroll. Step by step.

I just add some pictures of our baking day.

Hang and the mixer.

Just roll it!

We had fun and the swissroll was so yummy and sweet.



Buying groceries for tomorrow

This morning we went to the Lidl and bought some groceries for tomorrow, because we’r going to bake something  tomorrow. We’ll keep you guessing on what we made and tell you tomorrow what we made. We realised that christmas had come to lidl. So much christmas candies, stuff and baking things. We decided that nearer christmas we would like to have some Glögi.

You can try to guess what we’re going to bake from the ingredients in this picture.

There is eggs, cream, potatoflour and almond flakes.

After the Lidl we went to the Tiger. Danish gift to the world. Cheap, cute and unnecessery stuff for the people who already have everything. Okay just kidding. In Tiger there was also very much christmas stuff. We found everything funny and stupid here. Maybe we also found something that we need. Tabea bought some christmas presents, Hang got for herself a new waterbottle and I bought  expendable plates and LP cover frame.