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School lunch and snow fight


We met at Tamk and ate lunch together, we talked a little about Christmas plans and school. We sat next to the window and saw group of students playing with snow, situation escalated to snow fight. And that’s how you recognize exchange student; when it’s snowing  most Finnish people just whisper “perkele it’s so cold” and run inside faster than Usain Bolt. But foreigners just go nuts. Probably we would too if we saw snow for the first time. It was fun to watch because everyone were so happy and excited about a thing that we are so used to. We hate snow but we also love it.

English – Finnish – Spanish

Snow – lumi – nieve

I don’t speak finnish – en puhu suomea – no hablo finés

Snow fight – lumisota – guera de nieve

I’m paying with my card – maksan kortilla – voy a pagar con tarjeta

with cash – käteisellä – en efectivo

Where is ..? – missä on ..? – Dónde está..?

How are you?  – Miten voit? – qué tal?

How’s going ? – Mitä kuuluu?

How you doing? – Miten menee?

How much ….. costs ? – Paljonko maksaa.. ? – Cuánto cuesta ?

What time is it? – Paljonko kello on? –  qué hora es?

Gossip – juoruilla – cotilleo

Spanish potato omelette

2.11.2017 We all survived from my birthday party but we decided that we will just hangout at my place. We three love food, so Irene made Spanish potato omelette for us. For a Finn it was hard to understand why anyone would put potato on omelette and I was very skeptical. But for my surprise it was actually pretty good. In weird way.  Sadly I don’t have a picture of the omelette, because it broke and looked ugly.

To make this weird snack, you need eggs, precooked potatoes, onion if you like and salt. First precook your potatoes (you can boil them or just put them in microwave), chop onions and potatoes, mix them with eggs, throw some salt on. Then put whole mix to the oiled pan and let it cook. When another side is ready, flip the omelette with plate. (This was the point when our omelette broke. ) When both sides are done, just put the omelette on your plate and enjoy!

Spanish – English – Finnish

Patata – potato – peruna/pottu

Huevo – egg – kananmuna

Sartén –  pan – pannu

Chucillo – knife – veitsi

Plato – plate – lautanen

Tenedor – fork – haarukka

Cuchara – spoon – lusikka

Gato – cat – kissa

Nevera/frigarífico – fridge – jääkappi

Cebolla – onion – sipuli

Harno – oven – uuni

Aceite – oil – öljy

Espátula – saptula – lasta

Birthday party

Our fourth meeting was at my place 28.10.2017, because we were celebrating my 20th birthday! We were drinking ( a lot ), ate cake, played cards against humanity ( and came to conclusion that we are horrible people, especially Irene, she won. ), and talked a lot. My friends from school met my friends outside of school and we had fun. I actually translated one finnish song to Irene, it’s called Rusketusraidat which means tanning lines. Song is about rebellious girl whose parents are conservative.

Spanish – English – Finnish

Ojo/s – eye/s – silmä/t

Panche – punch – booli

Fiesta – party – juhlat/bileet/pippalot

Corazón – heart – sydän

Cerveza – beer – olut/ kalja / bisse

Cubata – longdrink – lonkero

Tarta – cake – kakku

Pastel – pie – piirakka

Vino – wine – viini

Líneas de bronceado – tanning lines ( song) – rusketusraidat

Lavendería – laundry – pyykki

Velas – candles – kynttilä

Tatuaje – tattoo – tautointi


Our third meeting was at bistro Puisto. It is recently opened to downtown right next to bridge of tammerkoski. Our original plan was to go bowling but Viivi and I got lazy. So we decided to test the bistro. Place was full of people, we barely got seats. I loved the decor and atmosphere. I ate croissant and tea, Viivi took raw cake piece and espresso (which was half of normal espresso cup) 😀 Irene took only latte and cookie because it was spanish snack time.

Finnish – English – Spanish

Week days

Maanantai  – monday – lunes

Tiistai – tuesday – martes

Keskiviikko – wednesday – miércoles

Torstai – thursday – jueves

Perjantai – friday – virnes

Lauantai – saturday – sábado

Sunnuntai – sunday – domingo


Tammikuu – january – enero

Helmikuu – february – febrero

Maaliskuu – march – marzo

Huhtikuu – april – abril

Toukokuu – may – mayo

Kesäkuu – june – junio

Heinäkuu – july – julio

Elokuu – august -agosto

Syyskuu – september – septiembre

Lokakuu – october – octubre

Marraskuu – november – noviembre

Joulukuu – december – diciembre




Our second meeting was at O’connell’s Irish pub. Every thursday there is improv show at eight o’clock.  We decided to go and it was so much fun! Because of popularity of the show we went there earlier so we can get good seats. Usually we just talk about what ever comes to our minds so we have quite different words.

English      Finnish         Spanish

water   –  vesi      –    aqua

magician/wizard  – taikuri/velho – mago

cabbage casserole-  kaalilaatikko –

pidgeon/dove – pulu/kesykyyhky  – paloma

I’m a loser –  olen luuseri  – soy un perderor

Improvisation – improvisaatio/ improvisoida –    improvisación/improvisar

flight attendent – lentoemäntä – azafata

ATM – automaatti – cajero automático

menu  – ruokalista  – menú

list – lista  – lista

food ruoka comida

bathroom kylpyhuone baño

toilet – vessa  – barter/ wc

birthday –   syntymäpäivä –  cumpleaños

happy birthday –  hyvää syntymäpäivää –  feliz cumpleaños

First meeting

Hi! My name is Vera and I have lived in Tampere little over a year now. I’m studying hospitality and management.  I’m part of group of three girls. Our squad  consist of 2 Finns and 1 Spanish.

Our first meeting with Viivi and Irene was 16.9 at Tamperes central library. (I had problem with this blog, I’m lazy and kind of forgot to write.) First I was little bit of worried. What if we don’t get along or meetings are awkward. But we actually had really nice time! Viivi and I are classmates so for me starting the conversation was easier. We made a plan and I’m looking forward our meetings.  🙂