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Numbers and politics, believe it or not

Second Meeting

I went to see Luiza at her place! She had just moved in and also took a kitten! I still can’t remember his name, even though I learned it like five times. I’m so sorry Luiza. We talked a lot about relationships and politics, I really can’t understand how well we have things here in Finland. And it was fascinating how Luiza had studied the subject and was really into Brazil’s politics.

We also checked Luiza’s Finnish books and homework, and I was amazed again how much she already knows Finnish.  I hope she will find the courage to speak Finnish more also in public, she is so good at it.

The numbers were quite difficult for me, and I see how much I need to repeat, so I would actually remember things. I’m learning more about the sounds and the style of the language, I think it’s playful.

We get along very well. I’m grateful for our friendship❤️

1 – yksi – um

2 – kaksi – dois

3 – kolme – três

4 – neljä – quatro

5 – viisi – cinco

6 – kuusi – seis

7 – seitsemän – sete

8 – kahdeksan – oito

9 – yhdeksän – nove

10 – kymmenen – dez

11 – yksitoista – onze

12 – kaksitoista – doze

13 – kolmetoista – treze

14 – neljätoista – quatorze

15 – viisitoista – quinze

16 – kuusitoista – dezesseis

17 – seitsemäntoista – dezessete

18 – kahdeksantoista – dezoito 

19 – yhdeksantoista – dezenove

20 –  kaksikymmentä – vinte

First Meeting

We went to Cafe Puisto with Luiza and had so much fun. I really enjoyed. 

Our conversation really flew with a nice flow! We got along and shared a lot. We talked about subjects like where do we come from, how are we doing right now and what are our true interests.

My experience was sparkling! I felt that we matched so well, and that we truly want to hang around more. We had fun with the subjects and languages. Some words sounded totally different from what they really meant in Finnish.

I learned a bit about Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language. Most interesting part probably was the masculine and the feminine part in the language, and the fact how does it work nowdays in the world, where everything is quite more mixed. Things and humans aren’t so black and white any more. The language also sounded so nice, like I could play and have fun with it. A lot!

Luiza already understands a bit Finnish, because she has lived here for a couple of years. I don’t have any idea of Portuguese, so I’m really tapping into something new. Writing and seeing helped me a lot. Remembering is difficult, though I’m glad that we can have fun out of it. I noticed I need to be more straight with using Finnish, not shy with it.