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THE END- Independence Day

I was so sad when I realized that this is our last meeting. We decided to relax and enjoy our very last EOTO-meeting. We went for a coffee and discussed our journey together. Everyone told their favorite memory of the course. My personal favorite was the first meeting in Huurre when I got the chance to meet these wonderful people for the first time.

It was Independence Day so we kind of celebrated both- the independence of Finland and the end of the course. We walked around the Christmas market in the city center and talked about our future plans. We all agreed that it would be nice to see again someday.

The firework show was absolutely beautiful!


Thank you Maksim and Yulia! I’m going to miss our meetings together. Спасибо большое! <3

Следи за собой (FIN-RUS)

We wanted to meet easily at school so we decided to eat lunch together.  Yulia brought her friend to the meeting and it was really interesting and fun. She is also Russian and it was nice to hear whenever they discussed together in Russian.

We didn’t have the books with us but we discussed topics such as music and travelling. We talked about Kino – the legendary Russian band. Everyone at the table loved Kino and Viktor Tsoi. My all time favorite from Kino is Следи за собой which means “take care of yourself”. I told Maksim and Yulia that I would like to take a tattoo related to that song.

I learned a lot of new useful sayings in Russian. We had a great time together, laughing and discussing… It is sometimes even strange how similar are we though we are totally different and have different backgrounds.

Quick Public Corner (FIN-RUS)

EOTO-Saturday nights have become like a tradition for me. That’s why it is sad that these are the last meetings we have.  Now we need to enjoy our best (and also learn)!

Yulia was little sick so we decided to meet quickly at the city center.  She had a lovely surprise for us: She had taken a friend with her. We had a great time together. We studied little communication/chat vocabulary with Maksim before girls arrived to Public Corner.

Topics for this meeting were exercises after the text and Dative in Russian. I found out that repetition is the key for grammar. When we studied just a little Dative, I remembered almost everything from the high school.



It was  a lovely weather (again) so we headed to Pyynikin näkötorni, the famous tower surrounded by beautiful environment. However, we had really busy schedule (again) and we are dealing with the Finnish autumn (again) so it was already dark when we finally met at Pyynikki.

The tower’s  cafe was so full of people that we needed to study outside first… hyrrrr… Luckily we had coffee and doughnuts.  We translated the text and discussed the topics in the book.  The text was full of common  phrases in Russian so it was really hard to translate it. I find sayings compelling and funny because they are always related to culture. We found out that actually we have similarities in our languages.

So.. We didn’t climb to the tower because it was so dark and cold, and they would have charged us. Still we had a lovely meeting (again). Thank you guys!

Pub studying (RUS-FIN)

We had a long gap between meetings because it was the end of the first period and everyone had their own busy schedules. However, we somehow managed to find time on Saturday evening and we decided to go to Cafe Europa. First I didn’t find the place but luckily Maksim found me and showed me the way. 😀

The place was pretty crowded but it was weekend so we kind of knew that already.. We tried to figure out the exercises in the books which Maksim had borrowed from the library for us.  We had difficulties with the dates and months but at the end of the meeting, they were clear at least for me. 😀

Я родилась двенадцатого июля в тысяча девятьсот девяносто восьмого года. = I was born in 12th July in the year 1998. First time ever we heard our ages and it was funny to notice that I am 6 years younger than my friends.

Cozy Meeting (RUS-FIN)

Yulia came back from Russia and we wanted to meet at Maksim’s apartment in Linnainmaa. It was pretty far away but we managed to get there in time.  We bought cookies (or chocolate as I saw it :D) from the shop nearby and climbed up to Maksim’s place.

Maksim borrowed Russian textbooks for us and we translated text and explained a few things for each other.  For example, I tried to explain Yulia the difference between “ehkä” and “voi olla“. I found it difficult but at least we had a great laugh.

Maksim has a big collection of Russian tea and he prepared some for us. Studying can be really enjoyable with a little snack.  Спасибо за чай!




Library (RUS-FIN)

We all had a really busy week because we had many exams coming, so we decided to meet quickly in the library and study hard. We borrowed some Russian textbooks and started to translate the text in Finnish. It was really effective way to study the language and Yulia wanted to buy the book for herself- the book was that good.

The library was closing early because it was Saturday so we needed to leave. After all, I think this was the best meeting when it comes to studying. We discussed the grammar and learned new sentences. I still couldn’t pronounce the word “вкусно” = herkullista correctly but maybe some day.. 😀

Next time we could do something funnier when Yulia comes back from Russia, but I think that we always have such a great time together, no matter what we do. Спасибо Maksim and Yulia!


Kaikki Muumit laaksossa FIN-RUS

Our third meeting was really interesting. Yulia had an amazing idea: we should visit Muumi museo in Tampere-talo because it was a special day for our home town and many museum entrance were free. And it was really funny that Yulia knew that specific fact- not me, even tho I am the local one.. 😀

The museum was really magical and beautiful. In my opinion, the best thing about the Moomin museum was that every story was written in many languages, including Russian. We tried to translate texts both Russian and Finnish. Sometimes it was difficult to explain the stories because the text was more like a poetry. Still I found that beautiful.

I learnt again new words and the Russian versions of the Moomins’ names (except Hemuli remains the same= Хемуль.) It was also nice to teach Yulia a funny phrase in the Finnish language: Не все дома = Ei kaikki muumit laaksossa, which means you are a bit nuts 😀

Later we discussed that when you show things in your home city to visitors for example exchange students, you can learn many things as well. I have never been in that museum before even tho I live in Tampere, and I really enjoy these new experiences with my new friends Maksim and Yulia. 🙂




In The Heart Of The City (RUS-FIN)

After the first meeting, we decided that next time we should visit Pyynikin näkötorni: The beautiful tower where people love to eat fresh doughnuts. Unfortunately, the weather was so bad, windy and rainy that we didn’t want to go there. Instead we went to Pyynikin munkkikahvila which is located in the heart of Tampere, Keskustori. Same doughnuts, but different environment.

Пончик = doughnut 

We chatted little while we enjoyed our snacks at the coffeehouse. Soon we noticed that we were speaking too much English and we decided that we should plan our next meeting better and bring our notebooks with us.

Because we didn’t have much to study, we went shopping to department store Sokos. It was a funny way of learning new words.  We studied for example clothes and cosmetics.  Maksim and I also wanted to explain the idea of Moomins to Yulia.  Everyone had their own favorite character.

Before Yulia left to partying, we taught her the word “nääs” which is the most typical word in the slang of Tampere. It was really funny because after that Yulia sounded like a local when she spoke Finnish. We continued the evening with Maksim in the bar Oluthuone. We discussed Russia in general and watched pictures and videos from the Maksim’s trip to Russia.

Спасибо nääs!


First Meeting FIN-RUS

I wanted to show Maksim and Yulia my favorite place in Tampere: Public House HUURRE. It is a charismatic brewery with food and music in my taste. Because of the construction, the place was little bit hard to find but finally my new friends found me sitting at the table in Huurre. I was little nervous because it was our first meeting.

We discussed our backgrounds and families while we ate.  We watched maps and pictures and ordered some drinks. На здаровье! Then we decided to play Alias because we thought it would be a funny way to learn languages.  First it was little difficult to figure out the rules but then we decided that Yulia could explain the words in Finnish and Maksim and I could try to explain the words in Russian. xD I noticed very soon that my Russian is soooo rusty because I hadn’t spoken the language after high school.

We had a great laugh and I learned new words for example картофель фри which means fried potatoes = french fries. We also found out similarities between Finnish and Russian language for example ремонт “remont” = remontti  and турма “turma” = tyrmä (vankila)


After 3 hours we left home because Yulia had to work next morning. In my opinion, the first meeting was really nice СУПЕР!