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Final meeting Spanish-Finnish


Like all good things this as well had to come to an end. This lesson we wanted everybody to think of a scenario that they would like to play out with another person. For me It was a scenario of from a mexican restaurant where I had to go through the whole situation in Spanish. With heavy struggles and quite a bit of help from Fabian I was able to order 3 course meal and even pay for it in the end.

This was a really useful lesson as these scenarios were realistic and thorough.

Have a great summer and enjoy the warmth!

9th meeting Spanish-Finnish

After a long brake we were able to jump back on the figurative horse, even though the lesson was probably the hardest one we have had so far it turned out great once again.

The main goal was to create sentences in future and past tense. This caused me a lot of headache but managed to get it right eventually. In the end the headache did prove to be worthy as I learned some really useful ways to building new phrases.

Spanish-Finnish 8th meeting


The eight meeting was once again a online meeting but it did not slow us down, we started the lesson early in the morning and we were focusing on telling about our day in Spanish. This proved to be rather difficult and finding the right vocabulary on the spot was really challenging.

This session Fabian gave us some homework as well, we had to read an news article in Spanish and find all the verbs from it. The homework was excellent because I had to actually understand everything I read to find the verbs.

7th meeting Spanish-Finnish


For the 7th meeting we unfortunately were not able to meet face to face due to the current pandemic. Although meeting was online we were able to have plenty of fun while learning. On learning part we were focusing on rehearsing the knowledge we had gathered so far. The main points being body parts, weekdays and using verbs.

Going through the subjects again was a really good method to strengthen the language and vocabulary.

Sixth meeting Spanish-Finnish


For the sixth meeting we were once again gathering to Fabian´s place for some wine and cheeses. Again getting deeper to the culture and food part of Mexico we were enjoying the learning through good food and company.

Once again I was surprised at how much easier it was to learn the language while just having fun with friends. During the meeting we were learning some Spanish songs and  cultural aspects behind them, we also had Diego rehearse some children’s songs with us .

Fifth meeting spanish-finnish

For the fifth meeting we decided to have a Mexican dinner Fabian´s place. During the cooking and food preparations we were studying the names of the foods in Spanish and some history behind how they became part of the Mexican culture.

Learning through cooking great food was a lot of fun and it was easy to mesmerize the words when you are able to see the actual ingredient.

4th meeting Spanish-Finnish


For our 4th meeting we gathered at TAMK premises right before the skiing holiday. During this meeting we were focusing on learning Spanish from some well known songs by translating them into English.

As a learning method translating songs was one of my favorite and really effective as well. During the song translations we were also able to jump deeper into the culture behind the songs as well which really brought a lot of value to the learning process.

Third meeting Spanish-Finnish


For our third meeting we gathered at the ABC for some coffee and Arnold´s. What we lacked on group members was fixed by the presence of one and only Diego(Fabians son). Having Diego with us at the lesson was a lot of fun and helpful learning wise as well, despite his young age he was able to talk three different languages which was really helpful when translating. Diego also taught us a song in Spanish as well.


First two meetings Spanish-Finnish


The first two meeting with the group was a lot of fun because all already knew each other so it was basically just having fun with friends. Although we did learn something as well, the main goals learning wise was to get some basic vocabulary (body parts and week days). I love the structure of the language so it made it really enjoyable to study and it stuck surprisingly quick!

a photo from after the lesson!