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2nd meeting! (Finnish-Spanish)

For the second meeting we went to the main library Metso. First we went around a bit and checked if there would be any Spanish or Finnish children´s book we could use. We decided to maybe use those later when we are a bit more familiar with the languages.

We started with remembering what we learned last time and then decided to learn small talk and colors. We taught each other different ways to say ‘how are you’, mostly in spoken language. We got a little exited when comparing the inflected forms and I wanted to teach everything about Finnish grammatical cases, but we tried to keep it short and moved to the colors.  After learning all the colors we asked each other the things we just learned so many times that both remembered them.

It was interesting for me that I started to remember some of the Spanish sentences and words, I still don´t remember much but it slowly comes back to my mind. 

First meeting!

We had our first meeting in cafeteria Puisto. We started by discussing a little bit of the differences between Finnish and Mexican educational systems and how in Finland the classes might be more like lectures and students doesn´t participate or engage as much as in Mexico. We are also really interested about the cultural parts so I think we will discuss a lot about the cultural differences during these meetings.

I have been studying spanish before in high school and also travelled/studied in spanish speaking countries but I have totally forgot everything so we agreed to start from the basics and then when I start to remember the language we can move a bit forward. As Gaby hasn´t studied finnish before, we will start with the basics in finnish. She wants to learn the spoken language since in the Basics of finnish course they mostly teach the written one.

We started from the numbers, months and weekdays. We made notes for each other and went through every word/number and tried to remember those. We were thinking that first we will learn the common words and then we can try to learn small sentences etc.