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My first cruise ever!!

For this session, Joona and me decided to do something special so it does not feel too repetitive to always have the session at the same place or time. So we organized with our friends a cruise to Tallinn and back. It was short but really nice to enjoy the boat and time with friends. It was my first time ever so quite stressing but also excited 😀

During the cruise, it was challenging for me as we decided beforehand that we would speak Finnish, there were no special topic of learning, it was mostly talking about Finnish culture for students and improving my understanding of Finnish. It was enjoyable to see how much I can understand even if speaking is still quite hard as I am afraid to not be understood. We worked on that and I feel a little bit more comfortable talking in Finnish now. This is the view from the balcony when we left Helsinki on Friday evening.

For the teaching part, it mainly focused on Joona´s objectives to learn useful French words and sentences for a trip to Paris. And, as in Paris it is really common for tourists to enjoy the boat cruise on the Seine, we decided to take advantage of our cruise ship and I talked to him about the cruise opportunities in Paris and how it works to reserve it either in advance or straight in the city. Some new words were learned and overall it was interesting for me to talk about that topic because I studied French tourism for several years and it is always nice to share my knowledge about something I know good.

I had a really good time during this cruise and it feels good to know a little bit more about Finnish culture, musics and to visit someplace that is apparently common for Finnish people to visit: Tallinn. I am really looking forward to our next Each One Teach One session next week 😀 !

Fourth meeting and intense learning session!!

I met today (3rd of April) with Joona for our fourth meeting. We met at school before our lessons starts and it was an intense learning/teaching time today!

  • Learning outcomes: Joona taught me about comparative today… This was pretty challenging because I did not know that there are so many way to compare things in Finland, but it was so rich in knowledge! I feel so much more comfortable talking now that I know how to talk about comparative and how to say that I want to do something better for instance. I was really interesting to learn this!!
  • Teaching outcomes: I taught Joona today about some useful words in Paris about drinks, and how to request for something. We mainly focused on restaurant words, and polite way of asking for drinks at the bar or asking for a table at the restaurant. We also studied the French grammar a little bit and the gender of the words. This was really interesting for me as I realized how hard it is to learn and teach French to someone else. Overall I think that this was a great time 😀

Can´t wait for the next session as we are going to spend some time on a cruise ship with other Finnish friends and we will focus on culture side of Finland and France 😊

It was a great session and I am looking forward to the next one!

Amazing third meeting + Bunny therapy

I met today (24th March) with Joona for our third meeting. We met at the 3D Crush Café, it is a place where you can enjoy good warm drinks and delicious cakes while cuddling with BUNNIES! I am a fan of animals, and bunnies are one of my favorites! So, when Joona asked if I wanted to visit this place, I was really looking forward to it! It was my first time there and I enjoyed this meeting really much!

When we arrived at the place, we ordered some treats and decided to focus this meeting on the culture aspects of each countries, as well as learning some words about what surrounded us. We both taught each other about how locals usually spend their Sundays in France VS in Finland (and let me tell you that French people spend a lot more time eating on Sundays than Finnish people do ^^). About the vocabulary, it was mostly me teaching him some “kitchen” words (like fork, knives, glass, etc), the colors, and some other words about things around us (coat rack, shelf, etc). Joona corrected my pronunciation for these words because I knew them already! It was a great meeting, really rich in knowledge and I hope that we will have more chances to share this kind of things with each other 😊

At the end of our session, we were both happy and relaxed after a nice moment with coffee, cakes and bunnies!

It was a great session and I am looking forward to the next one!

PS: I recommend the 3D Crush Café! It is really nice, the owner is welcoming, prices are affordable and the bunnies are cute and also are a stress-relief! They have a private place that you can reserve (with bunnies and board games), some sofas and comfy chairs as well. It is written in English there, so go for it! I took a picture of their business card, so you have the details on it!
Go have a look! Nice moment guarantee!

“How to not get lost?” – Second French-Finnish meeting


I met today (13th March) with Joona for our second meeting. We decided to meet up in TAMK and our meeting lasted about an hour. It was pretty short this time but we were both busy this week and decided to meet for a shorter time instead of not meeting at all J I started as French teacher and then Finnish learner.


– For the learning session, I wanted to focus on directions. It is something really important and I could not remember it so this was the perfect opportunity to re-learn it again! It was great to learn with Joona because he gave me some typical sentences (like “I go to the store” or “turn left”) that will be easier to remember. He also taught me the official written way of saying it as well as the spoken language which is exactly what I want to learn during this Each One Teach One course. In addition, he showed me a video of a Finish-English vocabulary rap music (Paleface: Hip Hoppi Englanti)!

– For the teaching session, as Joona wants to learn something useful during a trip to Paris, we continued our trip to France by studying the directions and personal pronouns. It was nice to speak French again with him, he is pretty good at French language and I am really impressed by his pronunciation!

At the end of our session, we were both pleased with the learning and teaching outcomes! It was a great session and I am looking forward to the next one! 😀

First French-Finnish meeting

I met today (8th March) with Joona for our first meeting. We decided to meet up at my flat and our meeting lasted about two hours. 1h during which I was learning Finnish and 1h to teach French.

For the learning session, I had two main objectives; I wanted to learn about negative sentences in past tense, with some new verbs and vocabulary as well as help me with my Finnish language exercises. It was great to have him to teach me all of these because now I feel more comfortable speaking in the past tense and I understand the grammar a lot better. Furthermore, having him to help me with my homework was really nice as he explained me the lessons with his own words and helped me understand the exercises.


– For the teaching session, Joona wanted to learn the basics at first. We started by the alphabet. That was a really fun moment because even if it is almost the same as in Finnish, the pronunciation is a lot different. I enjoyed teaching it to Joona! We helped ourselves with the “alphabet song”. In addition, I taught him the numbers until ten and used pictures that “explained” the pronunciation using phonetics. It was really useful!

At the end of our 2h, Joona showed me a video of a stand up comedian making fun of the Nordic countries, and explaining how Finland is different from the other Northern countries. It was a really nice moment and I learned something about Finnish culture!

This was a great session because we started by setting goals for this meeting and we managed to do everything we wanted to 🙂 Really looking forward to our next meeting next week!