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The final Finnish-German meeting


Today Sophie and I met for our last Each One Teach One-meeting. We decided for this final meeting to go through all of our last nine meetings to revise what we’ve learned. We also talked about how we’ve felt about this course: Sophie has really enjoyed this learning the language and especially culture, but feels like if she would have been here in Finland it would have come more in handy to learn all kinds of words in Finnish. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from Sophie, especially about the German culture and some useful words that I might need when I travel to Germany.

We talked about Vappu as we were supposed to go out to celebrate it together but as the situation is what it is we couldn’t. I told Sophie what the Finnish Vappu is about and what are the usual traditions to do on first of May such as drink Sima and eat munkki or tippaleipä. We also were thinking if it is possible and fits in our schedule we’ll celebrate the Finnish student Vappu next year together here in Finland.

We also talked about the healthcare system in Finland and Germany, what similarities and differences we have in those. We went through how the system works and had a recap of what the situation with COVID-19 is now in both countries. We both hope that this would be soon over and hope that everyone of you stays safe and healthy. 

Bleibt gesund!



9th Finnish-German meeting


On today’s meeting with Sophie we felt that it  would be useful and also important to understand places in Finnish and German so we went through basic place names. Such as pharmacy (Apotheke), Store (Geschäft), doctor’s office (Arzt), hospital (Krankenhaus). With the knowing these in the the other language you’re able to plan a meeting point with someone when you understand place names. We also went through words like university (Universität), UAS (Fachhochschule), the latter one was very hard for me as it has a lot of ”ch”, ”h”, ”sch” letters. 

For Sophie she already new few of the words such as University or restaurant from the time she lived in Finland, but it was good revision for spelling and pronunciation for her. Few of the words that we went through were very similar in spelling and pronunciation such as hotel (Hotel), bar (Bar), pub (Pub). 

With these words we both feel like we can travel in each others countries and understand the place names and maybe not get that lost. 



8th Finnish-German meeting

Frohe Ostern (Happy Easter), 

We both have very similar Easter traditions from the religious point of view as both of us are Christians but there are differences in traditions with our families. During Good Friday the shops are not open in German and clubs are closed, the Friday is a day which is for people to calm down. On Easter Saturday all over Germany bonfire are arranged, Easter Bonfire, the biggest bonfire at Sophie’s hometown is arragned by a restaurant near the lake. It’s usually a time to socialize, dance accompanied by a DJ, foods and drink. 

On Easter Sunday the tradition is to go to church at 5am, also families exchange presents such as easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and this year Sophie got a book as an Easter present and celebrate Easter with a nice Easter brunch. Easter Monday is time for relaxing and visiting relatives.



Picture of Easter Bonfire

Seventh Finnish-German meeting

Hallo, aus dem bewölkten Finnland!

We had our second FaceTime meeting the and seventh EOTO-meeitng with Sophie. We decided to learn weather and the Season vocabulary as the weather in Germany was Aprilwetter (going crazy).  I had no previous knowing of this vocabulary but Sophie remembered few words from her fall semester’s Finnish class. 

I learned probably my favourite word and sentence today by far, which was the word ”die Wolke” (cloud) and the sentence ”Es its bewölkt” (it is cloudy). The pronunciation and sound of the word and sentence was very funny for me so I think that is something that will stick with me forever.

You can see below the vocabulary what we went through today and learn some words in German: 

Season =  Jahreszeiten 

Spring = Frühling

Summer = Sommer

Fall = Herbst

Winter = Winter

The four seasons are = Die vier Jahreszeiten sind

Weather = Wetter

How’s the weather? =  Wie is das Wetter? 

Sun = die Sonne

Sunny weather = Es ist sonnig 

Rain = der Regen

Rainy weather = Es regnet

Cloud = die Wolke

Cloudy weather = Es is bewölkt — My favourite sentence by far

Snow = der Schnee

It is snowing = Es schneit

Wind = der Wind

It is windy = Es ist windig

Storm = der Sturm

It is stormy = Es ist stürmisch 

Warmth / heat = die Wärme / die Hitze

It’s warm / it’s hot = Es ist warm / Es ist heiß

I’m warm / I’m hot = Mir ist warm / Mir ist heiß

Cold = die Kälte

It’s cold = Es ist kalt

I’m cold = Mir ist kalt

Unstable weather = Aprilwetter



Sixth Finnish-German meeting

Hallo alle!

Today’s meeting was our first online meeting together with Sophie as Sophie flew home because the COVID-19. 

Our agenda for today was about the situation in the world, how the COVID-19 virus has changed our life and the impact in our daily routines. Not the happiest agenda, but very important as it is restricting our lives a lot today.

As I am originally from the Helsinki region the news about closing Uusimaa area was big as I am not able to get home because that for the next 3 weeks (let’s see if will be longer though).

As Sophie is now home in Germany she told about how they are reacting to this virus and also how people in the bigger cities are coping. Which I found very nice that in the bigger cities people are even able to order cocktails to home from restaurants (Yum!) and people are having online live parties from home. Germany has put on very strict regulations as they have over 43 thousand cases. They are fining people if they are not following the new regulations such as meeting only one person outside is allowed.

As for our studies this year we both believe that the university will not open anymore for this semester, as the Finnish government is thinking of continuing the remote work for school.

We both hope that all of you guys are staying safe and healthy!



Fifth Finnish German meeting


Today Sophie and I met at my apartment to listen and learn songs that we’ve been listening  now and when we were kids. 

Sophie played her favourite German artist when she was a child and now what artist she listens today.  We listened to different German songs from different genres, such as German punk Feine Sahne Fischfilet which has a more political view in their songs. We also listened to rap: rapper Kontra K (Blei) and Bonez MC (Ohne mein Team), pop, rock etc. 

I played my favorite songs from my childhood and also what Finnish songs I listen now-a-days. Artist such as Mamba, Hurricanes, Olavi Uusivirta, Atomirotta etc. Sophie really started to like the Dingo’s song Levoton Tuhkimo.

Playing songs for each other really changed my mindset towards German music as almost the only German artist that I knew was Rammstein. I really enjoyed the rap  artist Bonez MC and Udo Jürgens which reminds me of the genres that usually I listen in other languages such as English, Finnish or Swedish. 

This meeting today with Sophie was a lot of fun as it was a ride through the memory lane in music. It was fun to listen to music that Sophie listened in her childhood and high school days. Shows how the taste of music changes with the growth. 

After this meeting, I might even start to listen to German music, you never know. 

Bis dann, 


Fourth Finnish and German meeting


Yesterday (Saturday April 14th) we met at Sophies apartment to cook some German lentil soup which consisted of potatoes, carrots, leek, lentils, onions, vegetablebroth and sausages. 

While to soup was cooking we taught each other food vocabulary:

  • Potato = Kartoffel
  • Carrot = Karotte
  • Onion = Zwiebel
  • Lentil = Linsem
  • Leek = Porree
  • Cucumber = Gurke
  • Vegetable = Gemüser
  • Vegetable broth = Gemüsebrühe
  • Soup = Suppe
  • Fruit = Obst

The soup was very delicious and I believe I will be doing it again by myself. Guten Appetit!




Third Finnish-German meeting


Today, Sophie and I met at Espresso House to have our third meeting for this course. The agenda for today was to learn and teach useful verbs to each other. Some verbs I remembered from my German studies, but few of them were new for me, and it was really good revision of verbs. 

Verbs that we taught for each other were to be, to do, to learn, to make, to eat, to drink, to speak, to live, to read  and to love.

For next time, we planned to teach more useful sentences. Especially for me I would like to learn sentences that I could use in the future, as now we know the basic verbs. 



Second Finnish- German meeting


Met with Sophie today for a coffee at the Puisto cafe for our second meeting of Each One Teach One. 

We had a talk about how to say useful daily phrases and also phrases about birthdays and holidays. Such as how to say ”happy birthday” in Finnish and in German ”Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag”.

As for me my German pronunciation is very horrible, we focused on really how to pronounce words correctly. Sophie already has pretty good pronunciation in Finnish but we practiced that a bit more with new words and phrases (e.g ”Hyvää pääsisäistä!”).

We set a date for our next meeting and some plans for our future meetings. The goal is to cook traditional Finnish cuisine for example poronkäristys and perunamuussi and also some traditional German cuisine. I also want to show Sophie the student parties that are not only meant for exchange students, so we practiced few phrases that could be used in the student party also. 




First meeting with Finnish-German


We met with Sophie today on Friday for our first EOTO-meeting. We made some waffles at my apartment and went through very basic words in Finnish and in German(berries, cutlery, restaurant words etc). Learned that spoon is Löffel, blueberry is Blaubeere and raspberry is Himbeere.

We had a very lovely time and learned already new things about each others language and culture.

We made a flexible plan for our future EOTO-meetings and we decided to meet next on Wednesday for coffee. We planned an agenda for Wednesday, going trough useful phrases.