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3th meeting Finnish / Spanish.

Our group’s schedules crossed and our third meeting was remotely, although we had agreed otherwise. Our purpose in the library was to get to know the Finnish language through children’s fairy tales, but fortunately there are also fairy tales online. We took advantage of

We went through a couple of fairy tales. Omar’s job was to read and translate the passages we chose. We hadn’t thought that the colorful language of fairy tales could produce challenges. One of the fairy tales was also more in the form of a poem, so we may not have chosen the easiest children’s books.

At the meeting, we chat in Finnish with Omar, of course Omar spoke some of his answers in Spanish. It was fun to exchange news and at the same time hear how everyone is doing.

We all liked the live meeting at Espresso House, so next time we had a goal to see live.


We met live at the next meeting at Ratina’s Espresso House. This was great. No more computer screens.

In this meeting, Omar taught Spain by introducing his own homeland, Ecuador, through a PowerPoint presentation. It was great to hear the local perspective and through it the pride in its own roots. Sometimes there were weird words and sometimes Omar’s speech speeded up (maybe intentionally), so I didn’t quite stay on the cart. Fortunately, there was also a PowerPoint to follow.

However, it was surprising to notice how many familiar words there were and how many words were remembered. During the breaks of many years, it is exciting that, for example, the word coast was not remembered in Spanish. However, the same word flashes in many names, such as the costa del sol.

One of Omar’s tasks was to translate the English text into Spanish. It turned out to be quite challenging. Or maybe more time consuming. However, it was fun to note that me was able to produce Spain.

Next we will see live again. We had the idea of ​​going through both languages ​​in meetings. Maybe next time we need to look at the clock.

First meeting

Our first meeting was at Zoom. There was talk that basically we would meet live somewhere, but now we couldn’t otherwise agree on schedules.

This meeting mainly focused on teaching Finland to Omar with Sonja and Ioana. We were noticed that Omar’s skill level is already quite good, there is no need to start basics. Maybe, though, it was good to start time for getting to know each other and other easy topics. Now is good to take learning in a more challenging direction.

During this meeting, Omar certainly had new and interesting words about the Finnish language. Some of the words were also new to us who speak Finnish, for example, poikkee and höntsy. I look forward to the next meeting, because then the main focus will be on Omar’s Spanish teaching.