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Last meeting Finnish German

Hei Hei!

Summer slowly starts and so ends our  each one teach one course. When we had our last online meeting we only had one topic (as it finally is warm and sunny outside): S U M M E R

Ninni told us a lot about Juhannus here in Finland. People go to their cottages, to a lake or are just out in the nature to make some Juhannuskokko and of course, probably no need to mention it, they have a Juhannussauna!

Also, Ninni had to confuse us with the Finnish language for a last time during this course with the following saying: Kokoo koko kokko! Koko Kokkoko? Koko kokko.

  • Yes this really is a sentence which makes sense, although it rather seemed to be a tongue-twister to Christina and me. It means: Assemble the whole bonfire! The whole bonfire? Yes, the whole bonfire.


Although the course ends, we will still have weekly meetings as we enjoyed it a lot and maybe we will therefore be able to catch up more and more words.

Have a great summer everyone! 🙂


9th meeting Finnish German

Hey everyone 😊

we just had our 9th meeting, this time with a totally new topic we’ve never talked about before – furniture!

Christina and me are moving together and we need quite a lot stuff: sänky, tuoli, peitto….

Some of  these vocabularies were already known but especially a few words were good to learn or hear again and we just rehearsed them (especially as we will live with a girl who is half-finnish):tyyny, lipasto, verhot, lautanen, haarukka….

I’ve been to ikea a few times now to buy things and it was always challenging to get to the place I wanted as I first had to google the words on the map, hopefully now it’ll be easier !!

the next meeting is already our last official one but we will probably continue doing these regular meetings to stay updated and catch up with some words 🙂


8th meeting Finnish-German

Hei Hei !!

Every week we are having now regular video calls to keep everyone updated about the situation in Germany and Finland. As I got back to Finland last week I told Ninni and Christina that it was actually pretty weird for me to go into the supermarket. I always thought that Finnish people really value their private space but now in times of corona the required distance of 1m was definitely not taken too serious. In Germany it is now even required to wear a mask in public places so I am really used to very strict regulations. Luckily, Ninni could help me out with a few phrases…. Tiedätkö mikä on hajurako? Voisitko siirtyä kauemmas? Onko Pakki Tula iholle?

  • Maybe I should really once make use of them if I see my private space in danger again… 😀

Apart from that we were talking about our favourite artists, listened to some songs during which Christina and me just got frustrated because we did not really understand a single finnish word – guess it can just get better !!


Bye guys, have a great Vappu and stay safe!

7th meeting Finnish-German

Hei everyone and Frohe Ostern – Hyvää pääsiäistä !!

Last Thursday we had our 4th online meeting and this time there was something really interesting to talk about besides the usual ‘corona-news’ – easter and Vappu (1st of May).

Usually this is a time spend with family and friends. From Ninni we learned different Finnish customs for easter. She told us about Mämmi, which Christina and me already tried one year ago and to be honest, none of us liked it a lot. We are still trying to figure out what exactly Finns see (rather taste) in it… 😉 Also in Germany easter is a big thing. On Good Friday (Karfreitag) the one before easter Sunday, people only eat fish and no meat on this day. Of course it is a religious custom so most of the germans still stick to it. On Easter Sunday, children are supposed to go and look for their easter nests, hidden in the garden or in the house – in my opinion really a nice custom no matter the age.

Ninni was really disappointed about Vappu this year. She told us that usually everyone is out on this day in Finland, meeting up and celebrating and she can not imagine to just stay home. We also have a public holiday on the 1st of May although here in Germany it is literally called ‘the day of work’ – der Tag der Arbeit’.

Interesting to see,  our cultures have quite a few public holidays in common, though it is celebrated very differently.

Have a nice easter holiday and stay safe everyone! 🙂

6th meeting german-finnish

Hey everyone!

Last Friday we had our third online meeting – this time I did some kind of live-cooking (actually baking) and I tried the recipe from Ninni. The brownies were really delicious and it worked out pretty well with the finnish recipe, although sometimes I had to check the translation but all in all it worked really well ! 🙂

As I was really focused on the brownies I only listened with one ear to Ninni and Christina but still I was able to catch up a few words when we were talking about spring: ‘takkatalvi’, ‘terassikausi’ and a few others. Always interesting and a bit challenging if there are words for some meaning and you do not have them in your mother tongue.


Our next meeting is already tomorrow and I really am looking forward:)



5th Meeting Finnish-German

Hi there!

We just finished our second online meeting. We didn’t play games as planned at the end of our last call but as everyone of us is home at the moment and we recognized that the day  is only scheduled by having  breakfast, lunch and dinner, Ninni shared a recipe for brownies with us. 🙂

first we translated it from Finnish to Englisch. This was quite easy for Christina and me as we talked about most of the ingredients in our Finnish class. So we knew what was needed and only had some difficulties with the process of making it. Then we translated it from the English one to the German. I guess we’ll try them pretty soon with the recipe in the language we want to learn – let’s hope they will be tasty….

Stay home and improve your cooking skills 😋😋😋


Fourth meeting finnish-german

Hallo, Moi and hello everyone!

Due to this whole situation we have unfortunately not been able to meet up in a while. Especially now that Christina and me decided to fly back home we agreed on continuing our meetings online. So today we had our first call via FaceTime and quite a lot to talk about….

First of all, we were curious about how everyone is doing, how the situation in Germany is compared to the one in Finland and how we get along with our studies being completely online now! Main part were our Languages classes – Christina and me will have Finnish class now via zoom and Ninni’s German class will be as well. We agreed that, this way, it is harder to get familiar with a language, so unfamiliar to us but also that it is funny in a way how it works. We exchanged some common phrases and threw in some words during our conversation that are rather special and probably not taught in a language course!

Eventually it was interesting to see how the Finnish/German society/culture reacts to such a scenario as well as culture in general in these times…

next time we plan on playing some online game together !

stay safe guys 🙂

Third meeting German-Finnish

Hey there!

For our third meeting we were meeting at my place to play monopoly! Ninni luckily owns the traditional edition in Finnish language. We learned useful phrases such as “sinun vuoro” or were discussing the texts written on the cards ( trying to translate it first without any help but then asking Ninni to confirm it…. ), street names, where they are located in Finland and so on! As Christina and me were  v e r y  excited during the game we could not help ourselves but complain in german with each other so I guess Ninni got some very useful phrases as well from this meeting.. 🙂

Before starting the game we went to S-Market to get some snacks. We decided to go for ice cream as there are quite a lot of different flavours here in Finland compared to Germany. In the supermarket we were able to improve our vocabulary regarding food and also ‘rehearsing’ from the second meeting when we have been to the restaurant. Not only different ice creams were discussed but also fruits, vegetables and so an. We thought this is very useful for basic grocery shopping as well as going to cafés, restaurants and so on…


Fourth meeting is not agreed yet because we have the skiing break and I am going home.

Bis Bald!!

Second Meeting Finnish-German

Hey there!

As we already agreed on at our first meeting, we wanted to go to a restaurant together for the second time. We decided to meet up at Le Momento at Ratina. Ninni helped us in translating the menu as there was only a Finnish one available – luckily… 🙂

We already knew some of the names because of our Finnish class, others were new and some were also quite easy to figure out because they come from german/english language.. still it is always good to see, that you make progress and actually do not need someone anymore to completely help out when you are ordering something!

Every time we go to a restaurant, and in the majority cafes, we always recognise  that it is different to Germany. Only in more expensive restaurants in Finland a waiter comes to your table to order, usually you have to go to the counter. In Germany, no matter where you go to, you will always be served at the table… Minor stuff, but something we still are confused about from time to time!

Next meeting time is not yet settled, but we know we are going to play Ninni’s new board game – Monopoly – together.

Hei Hei ja Nähdään!

First meeting Finnish-German


For our first meeting we decided to go to a café – of course a Finnish one! In the beginning we tried to find out at which level we are in the language we would like to learn and how confident we are to actually use it. Christina and me are living in Finland now for 1 1/2 years and still order in English when we go somewhere – so first thing we learned: Yks kahvi – kiitos! Definitely not too difficult, now we just have to work on our courage… We told Ninni, how to do that in German and figured out that there is a slight difference. In Germany you have to be a bit more polite and therefore use appropriate courtesy formulas, which actually should be done in many more situations.

For the next time we will see, we agreed on going somewhere to have lunch and discuss more about food, simple everyday expressions in German and Finnish as well as cultural aspects in general!