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German and Chinese 10 (29/4/2017)

Today we took our last course, and I will be back to China soon. I was a little bit late, because the No.2 bus changed its way suddenly. The weather wasn’t good enough, so we met before Pella’s café. I heard it was noisy in the center square, Maxi told me they were celebrating the winning of ice hockey. Then, we decided to have a look. It seemed that they were interviewing the players, lots of excited people there. Although we didn’t understand the language, we could strongly fell the atmosphere.


At last, we back to Pella’s café. I thought that might be my last time in café of Finland. So unlike normal, I decided to try the cappuccino, which had a nice heart in it. We talked about the life after we back to home countries. It was so nice to hear that Maxi could work after graduation. Because it might have great pleasure to do job that he likes. I hope that he could have a good memory in his internship period and find a good job later. In that case, I gave Maxi a Chinese knot, which bring my best wishes to him. Also, we exchanged our e-mail to each other.

IMG_20170429_211950        IMG_20170429_215605

All in all, I felt so lucky to choose this course and have such a friend there. Although the weather was cold, friendship would be warm forever.

German and Chinese 9 (24/4/2017)

Today we met at Pella’s café again. It was 5p.m. not as crowded as normal, so we chose a seat closed to the window. It was so warm that the big sun shined in our face. After a cup of tea, we began our study plan. We have already finished some basic parts, and at last we decided to talk about occupations. It has some similar pronunciations with English, such as “Dokor” and “Präsident”. So it could be easy to remember. As for the word teacher in German, Maxi said we can’t pronounce “h” in it. And because of “h”, we must speak heavy in the former. Maxi also learnt fast, although it seemed difficult for him to pronounce “Si Ji” in Chinese.

Lawyer Anwalt
Teacher Lehrer
Doctor Doktor
Salesman Verkäufer
driver Fahrer
President Präsident


After finished the occupation parts, Maxi recommended that we can talk something around business, just like some words when we need to writes e-mail during the work. Although it could be strange to speak such long words in German, it was the first time I thought I could speak like German. This feeling was great! And I can clearly remember how to say “dear” in German.

Dear Sir or Madam Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren
Best Regards Mitfreundlichen Grüßen
Dear Mr. Sehr geehrter Herr …
Dear Mrs. Sehr geehrte Frau …


German and Chinese 8 (24/4/2017)

Today we went to mediapolis, which is Maxi’s campus. It was a little bit far from city center, so we spent lots of time in the bus. We talked about the difference between Chinese and Europe sellers in phone shops. Chinese sellers will introduced its functions, advantages and compare with other telephones. But in Europe, people will answer only when you ask them some questions. Therefore, I need to do more research work by my own. Then, as a media student, Maxi was really amazed that we can’t use Whatsapp, Messager, Youtube and so on in China. These might more international, although we have our own applications. But I still sure that he could find me through e-mail. 🙂 We also talked about the experience before we went to university. In China, people all judged by Chinese Gaokao, which is the most important exam in China and held in each year 7th 8th of June. In German, people can be more difficult. If you don’t get good grades in your primary school, maybe you won’t have multiple choices of your major. We still have some similar ways in select talents.

IMG_20170423_171812          IMG_20170423_143449

Because today is Sunday, just little people in mediapolis. It seemed a little bit peaceful. But I was amazed by the professional technical. Maxi introduced different room for me. And I can image his major might be a pleasure one. After we come back, we went to the bookshop in Stockmann, I even found a Chinese book!!!

German and Chinese 7 (21/4/2017)

This was a German day. We ate German food, drank German beer and talked about German things. It was so nice of Maxi and Timm to invite Feng and me to their place (Pinja) to taste traditional German food. This is my first time to Pinja, so along the road, Feng and me found some interesting shops around there, such as some Chinese restaurants and the special hat shop. Therefore,  it might be an interesting experience if you break you routine and explore new things.

The foods were potato salad, sausage and bread. It seemed that potato salad is popular in the summer of German. It has potatoes, tomatoes, onion, apple, sour cucumber, cream in it. At first, Feng and I were afraid of eating the cucumber, because I had eaten it in the flight and it was really sour. However, after I tasted the salad, I thought it wasn’t as strange as I thought before. With cream in it, it became more tastes. Then, I tried the sausage, which is totally different from China. Maxi told me when the middle of the sausage was broken and the color was nice, then we can eat. It smelt really good. And I followed Timm, tried to add sausage and mustard in bread. I just thought eat mustard also need courage in China, but the mustard in Finland was different.  Also, Maxi provided a famous German beer, which almost didn’t have alcohol in it. It tasted like beer but you will never get drunk.

IMG_20170421_184647                       IMG_20170421_190542

I’m sincerely thank my friends Maxi and Timm to prepare such a wonderful meal. I tasted more and know more about German.


German and Chinese 6 (9/4/2017)

Today we had a road trip around Tampere. The weather is good. Cloudy but warm. We met in front of Pella’s café. Along the street, we saw some small booths for election. Maxi told me that we also have the power to vote! Wow, it’s amazing! Also, you can see there were some people discussed with each other in the square. And some of them might get small presents. I think that’s part of Finland. Democratic Finland! Maxi said they also can vote in German. As for my country, because of large amount of population, the representatives of people’s Congress become voting system in China.

IMG_20170409_140647               IMG_20170409_142023

Then we went to Stockmann, as you know, there are big sales these days. We ate donuts in front of Stockmann. To be honest, I seldom eat donuts in China, but I really like to try new things! It’s delicious and cute. We are lucky, the band were performing here when we arrived. They are gentle grandpa… Elegant and respectful! Some days ago, I bought some chocolates as presents to my Chinese friends. Thus, we talked about presents, travel and places of interest.

Then, we walked along some small road to Lapinkaari. We saw the beautiful lake, museum, fishing people, railway and even found some interesting things. You can see the small house, it said “five stars hotel”, and we guess it might be for birds. And another photo is the instruction of plants along the road. I’m really happy that we can talk a lot during exploring the beautiful Tampere.

IMG_20170409_150032         IMG_20170409_150407


German and Chinese 5 (27/3/2017)

Today, we decided to meet in Y campus again because we couldn’t decide where to go. Also, the weather these days changed fast. So, it’s better to stay indoors. We didn’t meet for about one month, so we talked a lot before the class began. Maxi showed the photos in Lapland and his feeling to experience nature there. I was so amazed to hear that he tried to jump in lakes in such a cold day. That’s must be a very nice trip.

Then, we decided to learn some new words, and the part of pronouns is easier. Because the words can be really short and some of them I have learnt before. After that we talked about weekdays, which had some regulars to find. They all have the suffix “tag” except Wednesday, just like “day” in English.

I Ich
You Du
He Er
She Sie
It Es
We Wir
You Ihr
They Sie
Monday Montag
Tuesday Dienstag
Wednesday Mittwoch
Thursday Donnerstag
Friday Freitag
Saturday Samstag
Sunday Sonntag

At last, we learnt some words of family. As for this part, German words can be easy, because most of them just like English. And unlike Chinese both elder brother and younger brother are called “Bruder” in German.

Mother Mutter (Mama)
Father Vater (Papa)
Son Sohn
Daughter Tochter
Brother Bruder
Sister Schwester
Uncle Onkel
Aunt Tante
Grandpa Großvater (Opa)
Grandma Großmutter (Oma)

German and Chinese 4 (22/2/2017)

Today we met at Pella’s café. It’s a café with a cute cat in the window, which left a deep impression on me. Both of us like tee better than coffee. It was so nice that they gave me a student discount although I forgot to take my student card with me. Also, as you can see from the picture bellow. I got a chocolate, which also have the cute cat there.


Then, we began the class. First, we still reviewed sentences we learnt before. Maxi was so thoughtful. He gave me a helpful list of the German alphabet. In the list, it can tell me how to pronounce it in Chinese that it sounds German. I think he might be a great teacher! Then, we learnt how to speak numbers. It can be really easy for Maxi speak it in Chinese. As for me, it can be more confused. It has different pronunciation and less regular than Chinese. However, Maxi found a method for me, just like “Drei”, just like “dry” in English. In this way, I can easier to remember the pronunciation. So I could say he was a good teacher, right?

One Eins
Two Zwei
Three Drei (like English “Dry)
Four Vier (like English “Fear)
Five Fünf
Six Sechs
Seven Sieben
Eight Acht
Nine Neun
Ten Zehn
Twenty Zwanzig
Thirty Dreißig
Forty Vierzig
Fifty Fünfzig
Sixty Sechzig
Seventy Siebzig
Eighty Achzig
Ninety Neunzig
One Hundred EinHundert
1000 EinTausend

German and Chinese 3 (17/2/2017)

My friend Feng and I invited his partner Timm and my partner Maxi to taste popular Chinese food “Hot pot” in the kitchen of Lapinkaari. Hot pot just like its name, use a simmering metal pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table. Nowadays, the ingredients can be some kinds of, like tomato soup, spice soup, mushroom soup and so on. After water boiling, we will put beef, mutton, leaf vegetables… During the dinner, we talked about food culture of both China and German. And we found that we have different food custom, just like we eat warm food (or food after cooked). We were so sorry that one of them can’t eat spice food like these. Although we asked them ahead, not everybody was used to eat such spice food. Maybe next time we can change the ingredients.


Because we had such a pleasure atmosphere, I forgot to take photos. Thus, this was the pot when we finished eating. Even when we were eating, Maxi still asked me the sentences we learnt before.  He might be a good teacher! Also, we discussed the place of next meeting! Waiting for next time!

German and Chinese 2 (7/2/2017)

The second meeting we decided to meet at Y campus from 14:00p.m to 16:00p.m. We still met at TAMK, because I had class from 16:00p.m. Thank you, Maxi! 🙂 First, we talked about interesting things recently.  Also, we discussed interesting places we prefer to take the classes, such as Pella’s cafe and the tower in the mountain. Then, we reviewed sentences we learnt last time. It was so nice that we still can remember some of them, although I couldn’t get exactly pronunciation of German words as Maxi did.

In my opinion, pinyin learning is one useful method to pronounce Chinese. So I asked Maxi if he wants to learn pinyin. He agreed. After I showed how to pronounce all vowels for him, I was so amazed that he could almost repeat those. He was so great! Also, Maxi told me some similar pronounce ways, which helped me a lot.

At last, we learnt some other sentences like last time. Some words can be a little bit long for me, it’s hard to remember. Fortunately, Maxi told me how to divide the words into small parts patiently.

How are you? Wiegehtesdir?
I’m fine. (Mir gehtes) gut.
Sorry. Entschuldigung
It does not matter /no problem Istnichtschlimm /kein problem
Not Nicht

German and Chinese 1 (31/1/2017)

This is our first meeting. We decided to meet at the entrance of TAMK main campus. The mission of first meeting was to know about each other and made a plan of our following meeting. In our group, I’m Jie from China and my partner Maxi from German. Maxi is a tall,  white boy with curly hair. At first, I was afraid to talk with him, because I wasn’t confident about my oral English. But later, I found it doesn’t matter. He could catch my meaning immediately and we had some gestures or body language. We finished the group part of our primary plan soon. Then we tried to learn some basic sentences.

English German
Hello Hallo
Goodbye Tschüss / Auf Wiedersehen
Thank You Danke / Dankeschön
You’re welcome Bitte / Bitteschön
No Nein
Yes Ja
My name is Mein Name ist
I am Ich bin / Ich heiße

Some of the words can be easy for me, just sounds like english words. However,  I can’t pronouce “ich” as native speaker, which made me feel upset.  It’s interesting to see the special German letter “ß”, it seems like a pregnant woman! At the end, I can use “Tschüss “, and Maxi said “Zai jian” to say goodbye to each other! 🙂