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The fifth meeting

Today we had a meeting in TAMK. We was at lunch together. All our meetings start from asking “How are you”.

Our topic was about national food. It was nice to know what eating in Belgia. We talked about our plans and we have planed our next meeting.

I repeated difficult words what I have learned last time. Benjamin explained same other words and how it use.

I hope that I will practice my English a lot and my speaking skills will be better.

Fourth meeting, Skype

Hi! Everybody!

My English is improving all the time. I think so. Every our meeting is easier for me. I understand better and I can say what I want. Sometimes it is difficult to building sentences because all grammar is mixed in my head. My partner try to understand all the time and he helps me to say what I want.  We write each other in WhatsApp and it improve my writing skills.

Our meeting was planed for Thursday 28.3, but Benjamin had exam same time what we would meet and we changed it for today but in a Skype.

This meeting I speak a lot. Our topic was different, but principally we talked about our profession, studying in University and difference  between Finish, Ukraine and Belgian system.  Benjamin had a trip in Estonia and Riga and told me how was his trip.

Every our meeting I learn something new. I can not remember a wort “schedule“. So, I remember how it write and if I hear the word I understand but it is difficult to pronounce for me. Today on the meeting I practice this one. I start to enjoy our meeting because every time I go ahed and I believe that I do can speak English too.

Our next meeting in a week. So, see you!

Third meeting


So, today we had our third meeting. We met at railway station and then we went to cafe. I am not afraid so much like at beginning to speak English. I know that my English not good, but I try to speak and understand. I am so happy that now I understand much better. I practice my English in daily life. But our topic is so different.

We speak about our hobbies, weather in Belgium, Finland and Ukraine. One thing was same, we both like to travel, and we talked about it.

Benjamin said that he have experience in earthquake. When he was in America it happened. It was interesting to listen his impressions about this.

I am so glad that now I have possibility to practice my English in real life.

I hope we will see next week.

Second meeting

Hi, everybody!

We had a second meeting 16.3 in Skype.  We had planed second meeting another time, but I have mixed place and we were in different places. I hope my friend has not resented to me. So, we have switched to 16.3.

I was in Kouvola and Benjamin in Tampere. It was a little difficult to speak in Skype, because wi-fi did not work very good. But I understand almost everything and I hope he too.

At first I have planed our conversition but live situation was not so tight and Benjamin asked me different question and it was more comfortable as I imagined.

I tell about my week and my schedule. He wondered that I travel to Tampere two or three time in week and my one way trip is like 3 or 4 hours. It would be two and forty but in winter there are so many delays. I usually stay in Tikkurila like one hour. I need to change the train there.

He spoke about his trip to Lapland. I asked different question because I didn’t come in Lapland and it was interesting to know something about this one. We talked about different culture in Finland, Belgia and Ukraine. For exemple sauna. There is  dodn’t use sauna in Ukraine and Belgium like in Finland.

I asked about Benjamin’s English, how he improve his English skills, why he moved in America for one year and what was more difficult for him.

He met my little two years old daughter and we thought about next meeting, where and when. I hope that it would be today, and no-one disturb us)

I will tell you late how it was)

I wish you have a good day and warm spring!

First meeting

We had the first meeting today. We have met in Tampere’s Music Academy, in a little cafe. We’ve introduced and spoken about our countries, future professions, work, Finland and how we had learned English before.

I noticed that in this situation was easily to speak English then in lessons. I didn’t have a lot of practice in English but it was nice to speak with someone who know that I am learning English and it is not perfect.

Our topics was about our countries and we have found out home-places in map. It was great to find something together.

We have told each other about our life.

I think it is good way to study language when you can speak about anything in unofficial situation.

We have planned our next meetings and he wondered that I drive bike in winter.