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Day. 10 Pre Christmas party

Today, I met all the students in tamk to celebrate Christmas in advance. I was nervous about meeting other people besides Laura and Junhyeok. When we met our friends in front of the main gate and went into the place of our appointment, people who were there welcomed us.

We played a game. It was a game where I put my arms or legs on color according to roulette. I was tired because I wasn’t flexible, but it was still fun.

Also, it was more fun to meet my friends Emilio and Leisley. And I started playing card games, and I became friend with them through games.

I did not stay long because I had a Finnish exam the next day, but it was still very interesting. As I talked with my friends while sharing refreshments, I had wonderful time.

The thought of the last day made me cry. Although it was a short time, I felt a lot of clossness with Laura, and I thought I’d like her to come to Korea. I prepared a gift for her, but I was upset because I forgot to deliver it. But since we exchanged our home addresses, I should send them by post. Also, I often exchange letters and want to keep in touch with her.

Through this class, I was very proud to learn Finnish and have Finnish friends.

Day. 9 Visit Sky moro bar

Today I came to Moro Sky bar which Laura recommended. I felt friendly because my cat was named Moro. As I entered the entrance, I felt a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It was good because the light is orange. We ordered drinks, sat down on the couch and talked about the us. I ordered cranberry juice and it tasted fresh.

And I was sorry that I did not prepare for class today, but I was thankful that Laura prepared a simple Finnish. Now it didn’t take that long to study because of the familiar words. So We chatted a little after studying.

things like the season of Finland and future plans. In fact, it was a shame that we couldn’t meet several times because we were busy, but it was good to have a lot of talk with them today.

If I had a chance, I wanted to show Laura around Korea. It was very lucky to meet laura for this class.

Day. 8 Visit Pyynikki tower

Last week, We went to the Pyynikki tower to see the night view of Finland. The weather was so cold that all three were late because the bus was blocked up. I visited here once in the summer, and the tower of winter felt very different from the summer.


Maybe it’s because I came in this evening. Before today’s class, we bought a ticket and saw the night view first. I was a little scared because the elevator was old, but the Finnish night view from the high was really cool.

After watching the night view, we started studying at the cafe on the first floor. Today, I taught Laura korean music and learned about the expression of month in Finland.

I ordered doughnut before,  they are really delicious. If I can, I want to take it to Korea. I think I had the most fun preparing this topic. Because it was a good opportunity to introduce my favorite Korean singer directly to Laura. And I was surprised that Laura knew more about Korean singers and companies than I thought. Once again, I felt the power of the Korean wave.

I was also proud to learn more and more about Finnish words. I think I’m getting to know more words than I thought. I’m looking forward to meeting them next time.

Day. 7 Visit Concert

Yesterday, We went to see a concert introduced by Laura. It was a free concert held at the university. I was looking forward to seeing a lot of songs I knew. Before the performance, We had time to study Finnish and Korean as usual.

Today, I learned words related to school, but it was not difficult than I thought. I was proud to learn Finnish little by little. At the end of the study, we moved to the concert hall together. I was surprised at the larger scale than I thought.

The performance began and the students sang with the mc’s ment. I couldn’t help but admire their excellent singing ability. Especially, the song of La Land was impressive. It is my favorite movie and because the woman sings really well. I really want to thank Lara for introducing me to this performance.

And Laura gave us a gift waiting for Christmas, a chocolate calendar that we would eat once a day.  Laura is a very thoughtful friend. I am really happy to take EOTO class with her. I was sorry that I always felt like I was receiving it. I want to make more memories for the rest of the time.

Day. 6 Visit East Asian Market

Yesterday I went to Tullintori 6 with my friends. There is an east asian market, where I often visit when I buy ingredients for Korean food. Before that, I visited a designer shop that Laura introduced me, and the dresses were on display. The dresses were so antique and elegant that I was surprised. Actually, I wasn’t very interested in clothes, but they were really cool.

And as I toured the East asian Market, I briefly introduced Korean food to laura. Laura’s interest filled me with pride. Then we went to the cafe and had time to study each other’s country as usual. We learned about the culture of each country. It was very good because it supplemented the knowledge that I used to have shallowly.

I also learned about our country better by introducing it to Laura. Especially, I was impressed by the Finnish songs that Laura sang. Next time, I also want to play some famous Korean songs for Laura.

Day. 5 Lunch in Laura’s house

Last week, I went to Laura’s house. As it was my first visit, I couldn’t go there empty-handed, so I gave a famous mask pack in Korea as a thank you. It was lucky because she likes it. I was impressed that Laura had already prepared all the dishes. I thought I should eat more deliciously because I am sorry.

It was really delicious, not a lie. In fact, it was very hard to find delicious food in Finland, so I made Korean food every day at home, and the food Laura gave me was much more delicious than buying it outside. Especially, the food with potatoes and butter was the best. And I ate a food with cream and strawberries for dessert, which was delicious enough to bring home.

Also, after greeting Laura’s boyfriend, we talked together, and it was really fun to hear about his family. It becomes interesting to talk to Laura and Jun-hyuk as the days go by. I am looking forward to the next meeting.

Day. 4 Dinner with friends

I had dinner with Laura and Junhyuk. I had a cold and was in bad condition, but I was grateful that Laura worried about me. It was the Italian restaurant Laura recommended for dinner tonight, and the interior was really good. I ordered risotto, Laura ordered pizza, and Junhyuk ordered pasta. It was really delicious. It was a little salty, but it was still delicious. While we were having dinner, we talked about last week’s events. I felt good that I had more to say than the first time.


After dinner, I went to the cafe and studied hard. I ordered hot chocolate, and whipped cream was really delicious. It was a big shopping center, so it was convenient because there were restaurants and cafes in one place. Today we learned each other’s words and expressions. I’m sorry I couldn’t prepare for the cold, but Junhyuk has prepared for it. As Korean was difficult to pronounce, Laura wandered a lot, but it was good to see her learn hard.

And at the end, Laura gave me a present, a key ring that reflects the light that the car can see as I pass through the dark road. I was really impressed by the delicate laura gift. I will give you a gift next time.

Junhyuk is going on a trip for two weeks, so I hope to meet you soon after two weeks.

Day 3. Moomin Museum

Today, I went to the Mumin Museum. I was really looking forward to seeing the museum today because I like the moomin. The inside of the museum was entirely decorated with Moomins.

On the first floor, I took a brochure and went around the museum to see the moomin.

There were paintings of moommin miniatures, and I was impressed that they were made more elaborate than I thought. If I could, I could take it home. Also, the moomin sketch paintings everywhere were very cute.

I went out and bought some postcards. I felt sorry because it was smaller than I thought, but it was still very fun. I also wrote a letter because I could get a free stamp by sending a postcard. When I go back to Korea, I think I will remember the letter a lot.

I was a little sorry for not studying language today, but I am looking forward to the next day.

It was a happy day.



Day 2. Meeting At Library

Today, I met my friends in the Metso Library, the largest library in Tampere. I was just passing by on my way to school, but when I came there, it was bigger than I thought. we looked around from 1st floor to 3rd floor. The most impressive thing was the paintings on the wall.

It was interesting to watch because there were wonderful paintings hung there as if I was at an exhibition. Especially, the picture I took was so impressive that I wanted to bring my house.

After looking at all the first floor, we went up to the second floor, and I was surprised to find an unexpected Korean book there.

Of course, there were few books, but I was surprised and pleased to see a book printed in foreign languages. When I was very pleased, Luara found all the Korean books in the library together. Some books are popular in Korea, and there are books related to Korean culture and history, so I wanted to read them later. We went to the 3rd floor after looking around the 2nd floor, which was really amazing, because I could practice musical instruments there.

There is a large library in Korea, but there are no places to play musical instruments. So I was impressed with the service in Finland. I really wanted to play the piano later.

After finishing the library tour, we had time to learn each other’s language in the cafe like last time. Today we had time learn each other’s words.

The range of words was so wide that I was at a loss as to what to prepare. Laura was, as ever, thoroughly prepared. Thanks to her, studying Finnish was fun. The Finnish word was easy to combine when one word was known, and it was fun to study.

Although it is my second meeting, I am proud that I have become closer to her, and I look forward to meeting her next time.

First Meeting At Waffle Cafe

Today, we learned each other’s languages at waffle cafe. I was worried that it would be awkward to meet them for the first time after making a plan, but I felt closer to them than last time when I was talking about the weekend.

The cafe was  recommended by Laura. It was nice to have English written on the menu. Laura and me ordered strawberry waffles and Jun Hyuk ordered chocolate waffles. Waffles soon came out, and we took pictures before eating.

The picture was a bit tacky, but it was really delicious. I could see why Laura recommended it. Jam is sweet, but bread is very soft that I wanted to introduce to my Fleetmate. After taking pictures, we had a good time to eat and started to learn each other’s language in earnest.

In fact, it was my first time teaching someone Korean, so I was at a loss how to prepare, but I thought  of the courses I learned when I was a child, and I prepared basic letters and expressions. Laura also gave me a print of her letters and expressions in tables. I was really impressed by her thorough preparations for her.

In Finland, I was taking basic Finnish classes because I wanted to to communicate briefly, soI felt good learning with Laura once more. The pronunciation of Finnish is still difficult, but I think I learned them happily thanks to Laura’s encouragement.

I felt like a study group because I was learning each other’s language today, but I was proud that I could share a simple greeting with each other.