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Getting Started – Our first meeting

We had our first meeting with Christine last Friday and we met at Y-campus. We decided to start our meetings during the second period because we felt that we had enough on our plate with the mandatory courses.

We started our first meeting by Christine being the teacher and me being the student. I thought it would be best to go through the topics that we as a class went through during my first French course in the first period, such as introduction, fruits, verbs and numbers (which btw were kind of confusing). Very soon we noticed how few things I could correctly recall and that I was in serious need of repetition. Eventually, after a few rounds, I did pretty well and managed to actually remember most of the words, which I was happy about.

After an hour, we continued by switching the positions and I started to teach Christine some Finnish. Christine told me that she had studied Finnish for a while before moving into the country, and felt a bit rusty also. We started by going through her favorite beginner Finnish coursebook which was written completely in Finnish. As we went through the first topics I noticed how well Christine can speak the language. She had some worries about her pronunciation but I told her to not focus on it too much since Finns would already be amazed by her ability to speak the language. Towards the end, I understood why Christine likes the book since it was very straight to the point and had many good exercises. All in all, she did really well and didn’t need much help with other than some of the word endings.

I look forward to our next meeting which is yet to be decided, but I think we’ll continue to meet on certain weekdays in the future.