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GER-FIN 3rd Meeting

For our third meeting, we decided to go to my girlfriend’s family’s cabin at Aitoo. The cabin doesn’t have running water or proper electricity so we really lived the finnish mökki-life. We chopped some firewood, made blazed salmon, went to the sauna and of course, drank some beer. The girls also got to shoot a gun for the first time, even if it was only a miniature-rifle, but still. The temperature was at around 0 degrees, so it was quite cold but we pulled through by having a fire going all the time.  Below are some pictures of the trip.

GER-FIN second meeting

Yesterday, on the 26th of September, we first met up at the K-market to go through the ingredients for some traditional German foods the germans had prepared for us. We went through the ingredients and other shop related vocabulary in both of our languages. After the store, we went to Sophie’s place to prepare and eat the foods. The cooking took a long time, around 3 hours, and that was with the soup already prepared by Friederike. But in the end it was all worth it, and we went home so full that we just barely could walk. Below are the dishes.

GER-FIN meetup at the billiard bar

We met at the Space Bowling-bar with the group on the 12th of September. We played pool for around 2 hours during which we taught each others common phrases and colours from our languages. It’s definitely hard to teach finnish without a textbook or a proper frame of teaching because there’s so many things you should know about for example conjugation, before learning specific phrases. Overall the meetup went well and we even went to a nearby bar afterwards because there was a beerpong contest going on.