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Last meeting of Korean/Chinese group

We had our last meeting with each other at Tamk cafe shop at 14.12.2017. Today we learned and shared somethings o makeup, living and shopping .

We learned Korean fashion trend. We discussed how to make up, this topic is so suitable for girls.

Yun will go back to Korean, it is so pity. Now we are definitely friends, and we will meet in Korea or Chinese or Finland too.

I like this course, and I not only learned some simple Korean word, but also made friends with other. This course is so creative and interesting. I will recommend to others.

Eighth meeting of Korean/Chinese group

We have eighth meeting at 9.12.2017 at TAMK cafe shop. This time we just learned number’s words. 

We found a additional knowledge: we both use this number style:一(1) 二(2)三(3)四(4),etc. And what is more, we have the same way of writing date, like: 2017. 12.9. Korean and Chinese have some relations with each other, so to some extent, Korean and Chinese have more same culture.

Seventh meeting of Korean/Chinese group

We had our seventh meeting at 6.12.2017, the Finland independence days . It is so meaningful days, this year is Finland 100 years independence. We met with each other at Frenckelinaukio square to watch the celebration shows. Firstly mayor Lauri Lyly gave a speech and announced the start. Then work’s association performed, then some celebrities such as Isac Elliot, Petra Karjalainen and Waltteri Torikka performed. Lastly, we appreciated the fire show, that was really cool , I felt so enjoyable and shock. This time we just enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, so we did’t have any learning and teaching. We all like Finland so much, and we hope Finland will become better and better.

Sixth meeting of Korean/Chinese group

We had our sixth meeting at 4.12.2017. We visited Christmas market, which is located in the city square of Tampere.

The scene is so beautiful. The snow made the market more dreamlike. We were just like in fairy tale world. Finnish people have installed a lot of stalls.Now they sell food, sweets,  clothes, also many  Christmas decorations. Yun told us how they spend Christmas day in Korean, and we three guys also shared Chinese celebrations. We told Yun Christmas is 圣诞 in Chinese .We usually eat apple at 24.12, because apple(Ping guo) has the similar pronunciation with safe (Ping an). Yun thought it is so interesting. Culture is different and colorful.

Fifth meeting of Korean/Chinese group

We attended our fifth meeting at 27.11.2017. We organized a sauna party for us, that was just a girl sauna. We experienced the traditional Finland culture. We all bought some drinks in advance, including beers , juice and soda. Because we have already met several times, and we have become friends with each other,  we talk a lot. We shared our university life, our dream and our feel about Finland. That was so relax no matter body or spirit. Oh, when we talked, we still remember to teach and learn. We just learned some simple word about drinks. That time was not convenient for us to take photos, so we just talked.

Fourth meeting of Korean/Chinese group

This time we also decided to meet at the campus cafe in the whatsapp group in advance, since we could continue to have our lessons.

This time Chinese girls taught Yun a Chinese song, which is called ‘Tian Mimin’, since this song is famous in Korea, And Yun like this song. Yun learned it quickly, and she could sing it sweetly. And we tried our best to explain the meaning of this song, this song is so romantic.

What is more, Yun taught us Korean. And I think Korean is  so  fun that we were lost in it .

All in all, we always have a good time with Yun, we not only learned language, but also talked with each other about life 、trip and  national culture. I have broaden my horizons a lot.

Third meeting of Korean/Chinese group: Cooking together

This time we had a special meeting .Today we cooked together. Chinese guys taught Yun how to cook Chinese traditional food, such as big dumpling, scrambled egg with tomato and tofu. The process was so fun! At the meantime, we taught food names to each other in Korean and Chinese.

When we finished our lunch, we learned some words and sentence, it is definitely about some food.


All in all, we had a nice day with each other. I hope we can learn Korean traditional food and dishes next time. I think when we combine learning with life together, it is more easy and interesting for us. Because some words become real and visible. I am willing to learn different culture and society. So happy to go through all these things.

Second meeting of Korean/Chinese group

We have the second meeting yesterday(29.09), we all had good time with each other. We visited the Moomin museum in afternoon. At 3:00 pm we entered the museum, and started our interesting trip. Moomin museum is so dreamlike and beautiful,  the whole exhibitions made us so peaceful and enjoyable. We talked a great deal of knowledge about Moomin with each other and we listened some stories about Moomin.

We went to the workshop and drew some Moomin’s pictures after visiting , they were all so funny.

This meeting made us feel so relaxed, and we can talk everything, just were like friends. I think this course not only let students  learn other language, but also give us a chance to make friends with others and know some culture and society about Tampere and partner’s country.

First meeting of Korean/Chinese group

Hello, everyone! I am Min Song and come from China. I will learn Korean and teach Chinese. The other members in our group are Yun, who come from Korea、Xia Chu and Kaikai Ji, both of them from China.

On 20th September (Wednesday), we had the first meeting. We decided to meet at the campus cafe in the whatsapp group in advance, since we thought it is easy for us to find.

At beginning, it was the Chinese teaching time. We all think the language basic is so important, so we decided to teach the phonetic symbol (it is called pingyin in China) firstly.we have prepared some teaching materials, it is like the picture as follows:

we also prepared some exercise,  which are some daily use words:

Good morning—早上好(Zao Shang Hao);      Hello—你好(Ni Hao);    I am—我是(Wo Shi);     Thankyou—谢谢(XieXie);   Sorry—对不起(Dui Bu Qi);   Excuse me—打扰一下(Da Rao Yi Xia).

Then it was the Korean time, and Yun has prepared Korean soundmark for us:

Yun taught us how to read them and how to combine  two parts, it was so interesting. And before Yun had taught us some daily use words:I love you—사랑해( sa lang hei);     Hello—안녕하세요(a ni a seyou);    Brother (just for girls to use)—오빠(o ba).

We thought it will be difficult for us to pronounce , but in fact, we did it, since Korea and China pronunciation have some similar things . Actually not only in the pronunciation , but also in culture we have lots of same aspects, for example, we both have lunar calendar  and zodiac. I think culture is reflected by language, so if we want to know something about one country , we should learn it language deeply. At the same time, I found language is so majical and colorful.

We have a nice time with each other, and I look forward to next meeting!