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Chinese and Dutch, travelling

The last meeting topic is mark places for travelling on China and Dutch, and we chose library as our meet area. I thought we both have a good talking at that time, and a paradox feeling hit my head,one the one hand, it is pretty nice for the ending the each one teach one course because of i finished and can gain the credits, on the other hand, also a little sad due to say see you next time as we know that may have no chace any more.

I remember the Renovatile, Rijksmuseum, De keukenhof,and voledam clearly about the events and funny things, for example, both china and netherland created some  celebrations and small festival for tourists. Another one, is german prefer to go to Dutch for enjoying sea beach, shining , and dutch close to sea side with comforatable wind at spain beach.

In the end, i recommened the Terracotta Army in xi an and got the Red light  street at Amsterdam as reswarding.

XIAN, CHINA – OCTOBER 06: Terracotta Army, a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, on 06 October 2016, in Xian, Shaanxi, China. (Photo by studioEAST/Getty Images)                      


Chinese & Dutch, BBQ

Well began is a half done. we have barbecue yesterday with my friends, from same and different  class, new frinend metted after i came to  Finland,and Ryan from Dutch. Backing to the original thing, i never thought that making good fire wound became the biggest barrier for barbecue because of preparing food( pork,mutton,chicken,bacon, mushroom,and eggplant.)cost much more time is what i felt.But, actually,making fire does.Not only we experience hard time but facing air with ash and lots of smoking,luckily, no one call the fireman. Thanks for Ryan coming with us,or we may enjoy the delicious food one hour later.

We also have a excellent leisue time with music,beer,and causal talking at shining day.



Chinese and Dutch, traditional festival

When it is come to the traditional festival of China and Dutch, they both have something in common and differernt range from ways of celebration and cuisine,tales and meaning of that for  them. For example, there has king’s day in  dutch which is king’s birthday(also can be changed to another day for celebrating) that is one of the biggest festival event, and even have the second birthday celcebration show for tourists. But, it cannot be happen in china due to there is no king in modern china.

We all celebrite festival for some reasons, more specific, the foundation of festival for reasons,maybe religional things or to memorize some important events. We all spend time with family members on spring new years for chinese, on christmas for dutch, and both served ourselve good,hearty food. In addition, most important  sutch festival are relate to religion and drinking is a matter part on that festival while different food offered for different festival,like mooncake, sweet dumplings and so on.


Chinese and dutch, sauna

Having a sauna is also on our team schedule and we experienced it well with our pair members except Merlin. This is not the first time for me to sauna, but at public sauna area and the main difference are the more welled equipment than toas apartment offered and much higher temperature( the temperature over 90 Celsius that makes hard to breathe and  i felt something is burning in my threat), as well as cost.

sauna is one kind of sign or culture of Finland and i know that it is a therapy in old times, fins believe it can cure some illness at that time.

The best way to learn something is burning yourself into that kind of situation,so we did.

By the way, it is the first time for me to swim in such cold water that made me feel like i am losing some of my organisms,indeed.

Chinese and Dutch meeting,Daily greeting and apologizing

It is the sixth meeting of our group and glad to know the greeting and apologizing words of Dutch.The normal greeting words definitely include hello/hallo/hoi,good moring/goetemorgen,good afternoon/goede middag,good evening/goedenvond,excuse me/excusser me/mij,thank you/dankje and so on.And we taught how to write chinese and the order of writing chinese characters.

And in the end, we talked some dirty words which not shown here.We learned these vocabulary and phrases and probably will use in the few days.

CHINESE & DUTCH dutch food

last time, we have ate some chinese cuisine that not very speciality,but it does made by chinese. And this time the group met again and the same place at lappinkaari with different kitchen(changed from the first floor to the second).

We both have the same problems that cannot cook the specialities of our own country,and this time we took the mashed potatoes with onions and carrots,mashed potatoes with diced apple and beans,mashed potatoes with vegetables and sausage,as well as the dutch pancake that with bacon in it.(I think it is very tasty)finally,of course ended with dissert,folded dough with diced apple and sugar syrup baked in oven. In addition,we had beer too.






Chinese cuisine for the each one teach one group members

When it comes to the fourth meeting of chinese and dutch group,we held this meeting with chiese and finnish group together and the chinese cuisine is the main topic. We have tried to make the chinese speciality but in fact,it is more like the the chinese daily meal due to lack of the chinese featured ingredients,luckly,they all like the food we cooked and enjoy it except one which too spicy for fin and dutch.

What are the food contain on this meeting?It include the fried chicken with chinese red pepper,brocoli with garlic sauce(chinese style),spice diced pork with lettuce,tufu with tomato,home made sausage,dumplings,pancke,and beers.we talked everything that we interested and knew the crazy dog stories from the fin,(her dog).Anyway, that is a nice meeting and i am looking for the next meeting for dutch food.


Dutch and chinese match met again,and the topic we talked turned to the celebration on parties.You can’t get into the internet bar or  smoking , drinking alcohol if you are under 18 in Dutch, the same as China only on inernet bar. China doesn’t have the law for adolescent  that they can’t smoking and drinking.The big parties or celebrations  for chinese  do not change much from the childhood to adulthood, birthday celebration,internet bar, karaoke,bar,something like this.For dutch, after 18, they can do much more, drinking , smoking, even drugs,which is legal for selling that can never happen in china.And chinese music festival seems it never went to china,very localise, thus only few people know it.Opposite to china, the most famous DJ are dutch and there is big event  for DJ in amsterdam, in addition, the king’s birthday also is one  of the biggest celebration for dutch.

eating is imortant part on chinese party.


Today’s meeting topic is the history,the dutch teachers explained their presentation first, from the very beginning era when Netherlands not named that, and have changing their flags due to it belong to different Empires with times goes by. Their nation suffered a lot too, as the other countries,fight against from conquerors,Rome empire, and so on. And their original culture can date back to the 3000 BC,which is surprised me.
Then, our turn, we played a small video to show how china’s main land changed from the first ancient empire with slavery, feudal empire with feudalism to modern china with communism. And we explained what happened at the whole period while the video keep going.
Later, the religion and relationships with neighbourhood country became our hot talking points, i am very happy to their opinions for china and all the information i got, those i never heard before.


We had the first formal meeting at this day,(all of us are get together)and we talked about the plans of meeting time for next, as well as the meeting topics at least ten times.
The main part of this meeting is that we taught numbers hand writing and pronunciation from one to ten and talked the our stereotype to each others country,dutch and china. For example, we used sex, windmill, tulip to relate to Netherlands,panda, small people, all kinds food is their first impression for china.Definitely,all these are just partial facts, for both side.And the dutch number seems like English,but quite different pronunciation.
We had a nice start.