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Friendship is not end!

Several days ago (28.11.2019),we had the last meeting of this course in the pre-Christmas party in Tamko office.

At that day,we played Finnish games and some Chinese games.It’s funny that some of the games I have played in my country.We took turns to make a question which was similar to each other ,and then everyone described own word.The aim of this game was to find out whose word was different from others.We enjoyed a happy time in the game and we also ate some chips and a Japanese food which was taken by Moi.That tasted really nice!!It’s true that was a unforgettable night.At last,Jenny cuddled me for a while.We hope we’ll meet again.

Looking for forward to seeing Jenny in February!Love Jenny!!!!

Cats Cafe

Last night (27.11.2018) we went to the cats cafe which is located at the opposite of the center square.There was another friend joined us  and she is Huang’s partner who is a Japanese girl.

I think it was a good thing that Jenny really love the cats and she also was interested in the oldest cat in the cafe whose hair is gray with white .By the way ,there were maybe six or eight cats in the cafe,which were not similar to others.I especially like the youngest cat in it and she is so cute,although sometimes she didn’t want to play with me.After having a good time with cats, we left soon because the cafe closed the door at 7 pm.

We also made a appointment that we will meet today at the pre-Christmas party which held by Tamko .I also invited Jenny and Toni to join us and enjoy a Chinese Spring Festival party in February…maybe we should wait for a long time:)


Last week(1.11.2018) ,Li and me wanted to learn some words about cosmetics so we went to the Stockman together.

Jenny introduced some common cosmetics things to us and we also hung around some makeup brand in the shopping mall.I was pretty happy to learn so many Finnish words although we can’t pronounce some words correctly and don’t know how to spell them.Maybe I can remember them in the future.

We also arranged the next time we meet and the activity we need to do ,unfortunately,Li and I will have part-time job at that time and we can’t cancel the work schedule.So I am really sorry that I can’t play with Jenny at our arranged time:(

Tampere Festival–Fireworks!!

We went to the city center to enjoy the fireworks on Friday(26.10.2018) and That was the first time I saw too many persons in Tampere…I was so shocked.

Unfortunately,I was late for the show.There were some singers sang the songs before the fireworks but I didn’t have the chance to enjoy the songs.It also took me a long time to find my friends in the crowded. I had to say the fireworks were so beautiful!This also the first time I saw fireworks in Finland….an unforgettable memory!


It also took us a lot time to find Jenny and her friends in the crowded .After the fireworks,we hang around the city to have a sightseeing of interesting lights which were near the place of fireworks.We also went to the building of Finlayson and a cinema…I really want to watch a movie in it and eat the popcorn,but maybe the ticket is a little expensive.

We also arranged the next time we meet, see my friends next Wednesday:)


Shopping mall and Chinese food!

The day before yesterday(20.10.2018) we went to Ratina shopping center and we learned colors and the names of different clothes.Jenny also printed the paper of the things we need to learn…love her very much~

After that was the time we need to have lunch,so we went to Golden Unicorn which was near to the Ratina. At that place,we enjoyed some traditional Chinese dishes and I thought all of us liked the food in this restaurant.Besides,Toni said he would come again because of the good food…maybe I will also come again and I love the food there.At that day,I was very full when I finished eating.What a delicious food!

Finally,Toni send Li and me chocolates as the gifts,so nice!!! Unfortunately,I had to go early because of the part-time job..or I  would stay with them longer.

Go to supermarket!

Long times  ago(6.10.2018),we went to the s-market in the sokos. Sorry I forget to write down the blog:( But Jenny taught us foods’ name in Finnish and we also hung out the market.Besides,I have to say Jenny was so considerate,she printed the paper of their names for us.We learned many things at that day,from fruit to meat….:)

Really a nice day!

Have a sightseeing!

Last time we went to the Pyynikki Observation Tower(1.10.2018) and it was surrounded with forest.I didn’t know this beautiful palace if Jenny didn’t told me.And it was a tower which has a long time history,we can choose to climb the stairs or use the lift to the peak.At first time ,we chose the former way,but we chose the latter way when we got to the tower again.Of course,you can see the whole sightseeing of Tampere which was the same as the tower in Tampere amusement park.

We also went around the tower in the forest and some places had many rocks .And we can see the see the scenery in the distance when stood on that rocks.By the way,we took the photo at one of the places of rocks.We also found some mushrooms whether we didn’t they was poisonous or not. We picked them by bags not by hand.Jenny said that this season was suitable to pick mushrooms in the forest but we can’t distinguish them between good and bad.

At the end of our meeting,Jenny taught us some words in Finnish  which were often used in autumn ,such as fallen leaves,tree,trunk and so on.We decided to meet at Sokos next time to learn something new.

Chinese traditional party!

Yesterday(26.9.2018) we invited Jenny and Toni to take part in the party we held in Li’s home.At that day,we bought the vegetables and meat in advance to prepare the dishes and we wanted Jenny to taste Chinese traditional food.Li is good at cooking so he cooked steamed pork,fried potato slices,sugar mixed with tomatoes,steamed pumpkin, potato carrot ribs soup and fish-flavored eggplant.Besides,Li also prepared lemon red tee for them.

When Jenny and Toni came into the house,Jenny sent us a box of chocolate as our gift:) She was so sweet! Coincidentally, yesterday was the birthday of our classmate,so we also invited her to join us and we sang the birthday song for her before the dinner.

We talked and laughed in the meal and we were all pleasant.After the dinner,we learned some  table manners in Finland and the pronunciation of some tableware.Although they were difficult to memorize ,we remember them in the meaning of Chinese.I thought it was really interesting and that helped me quickly  to remember the words. After that ,we asked “love” between them,just like how did they know each other and how did they fall in love….I thought that was a attractive topic and we kept laughing.All of us  were so happy at that time.I have to say,Toni was so cool because he loves driving and he will have a show about that this week!Just like the views in the movie Fast & Furious,that is really cool!!!

There was a traditional custom in China,that is when the guests are leaving, we should send them to the door to show our respect and reluctance.And we also did this yesterday. That was really an unforgettable day for me and I was really really really happy yesterday with everyone:)


Enjoy Sauna!

Jenny,Toni and my friends and I went to sauna yesterday(17.9.2018,our second time meeting) where was near the TAMK and I have to say that was our first time to experience sauna in Finland. Although it’s extremely hot in the sauna room,even the floor and the stairs,I have to admit that was so comfortable and relaxing.When I entered the room,the temperature was about 60 degrees, Jenny poured water on the stone and the room became hotter,maybe 80 degrees? I don’t know it exactly,but I thought the principle is cold water encounters hot stones that turn into water vapor and it evaporates quickly into the air. Jenny,Toni,Huang and Li went to the swimming pool and played together after sauna.It’s a pity that I can’t swim because I haven’t learn it in my hometown before,so I didn’t enjoy with them.

When they finished sauna,we chatted at the cafe.Jenny continued teaching us the number from 11 to 30 and I found some regulars in these numbers : there is the word”toista” behind the numbers from 11 to 19 and there also have the word “kaksikymmenta” in front of the numbers from 21 to 29. And we also learned the name of family numbers from each other.The tone of Chinese Pinyin maybe a little difficult for Jenny to pronounce and they were also difficult for me when I was a small child.Besides,a letter in Chinese has four different pronunciations and every pronunciation represents four different meaning.

Time flies so fast and two hours passed without noticing it. The time with Jenny and Toni was really happy for me.At the end of the chat,we decided to invite Jenny and Toni to join the party which will hold this Sunday.At that day,we will cook some simple but delicious Chinese dishes for them and I hope they will fall in love with the taste of the Chinese food!!

Pleasant Afternoon!

This was our first time(Wednesday 12.9.2018) to  play outside. We decided to go to the market together , so we agreed to meet at Tullintori which was close to the TAMK. Although we had a little late because we didn’t catch the bus on time, they still wait for us patiently. At that time ,I really think my partner Jenny was really considerate:)Finally ,we decided to go to the Skybar with Jenny ,her friend Meri and her boyfriend Toni.

When we  got to the Skybar ,I was exciting about the beautiful sightseeing! I can see the panorama of Tampere. We ordered different drinks and then started chatting at Skybar. Jenny taught us the pronunciation of number 1-10 , four seasons and the weekdays in Finnish. It’s very difficult for us to pronounce . And  we were amazing that Toni told us they faced the mirror and  practiced the pronunciation of the letter “R” when they were small children!!!Also,we taught Jenny how to say months,weekdays and number.Besides ,we also taught some simple greeting sentences and “I love you” in Chinese and it’s the same as the pronunciation of “wall eye knee” in English.

It’s really a good afternoon for us. Finally, Toni invited us to take his boat next spring.I was really happy at that time,because I really want to go around Tampere by boat.Besides,we also decided to enjoy the sauna next time and I hope that would also become a wonderful memory in my life!