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The tenth meeting

To celebrate our tenth meeting, we go to a party called ”End of the semester” ,which is held in Union, city center. We are going there, drank some shots, and danced together. Of course I have discovered some good music, one is Shakira’s hit called “hips doesn’t lie”. I quite like it, I like music, I like dancing, I also like girls….hahaha. I am not drunk at this moment.:)

The ninth meeting

This meeting we met at the library of Tamk. Because we decided to watch the videos of Steve Jobs and Barack Obama together. We just thought that using the computers in the library. Of course, another reason is because of the pronunciation of Ildi, and I printed the list of International phonetic in advance.
In my opinion, watching videos is another good way to learn English at least. I tried to teach some words and sentences to her and she really thinks it helps a lot. She has benefited from it. And then I taught her the phonetic of English, she also practice it some times.

The eighth meeting


The eighth meeting is in the library of Tamk, second floor. This time we continued our lesson. We started from German. Ildi printed some paper this time with the numbers of German from zero to thousand, and some useful phrases again, some of it were same as the last time,though. It was so kind of her that she taught me very patient with the pronunciation, which, definitely, is the biggest difficulty I have met in learning German. But, I have been improved soon with her guidance.
And next, I taught her the perfect progressive tense and when to use it. It is difficult to command it, but it’s fine because this tense is not commonly used in the everyday life. Of course, she had difficulty of it, but it doesn’t matter, because practice makes perfect.

The seventh meeting

Our seventh meeting was in the library of Tamk on the second floor. We talked about our own hobbies and favorite movies. From the conversation, I know that Ildi is really into shopping, she shops every week. And besides, she likes fishing, because in Hungary there are so many rivers for example, Tisza river in her hometown. For me, I am a crazy football fan. Now, there is a Chinese player in La liga, Spain, who is the first player in Spain. I am proud of him. I really like him. I hope he will make more progress in the Europe. Here is the photo of him.

The sixth meeting


Our sixth meeting was in the ship to Stockholm. It was strange but we just did it. we were both in that ship. Maybe everything is just a coincidence. We had our meeting in the café of the ship.  We talked about something about the trip and our daily life. We talked about it in English and also in German because we want to practice it. This didn’t last long. And at the end, we talked about the schoolwork and the next meeting. The food was very good and the night party also. we both had a good time.

The fifth meeting

Out fifth meeting was in the Pella´s café in the city center, we ordered some coffee and cakes. We both want to change a place so we chose here. And here we can have a relaxing talk. This time we paused our teaching progress. We turned to our culture and history. First we talked about Chinese writing , foods and every day, however, Ildi was interested about the Chinese history. So I told her some modern Chinese history includes the series of wars to satisfied here interest. And then Ildi told something about the Hungarian ancient heroes, she mentioned some names like Attila and Arpad. She told me that her country has a history of over 1000 years, I am amazed at that, but for China, we also had a history of about 5000 years. I am quite proud of that.:)

The fourth meeting

In this meeting, Ildi still printed some papers, where there are some useful phrases,like ”Gute arbeit”, which means “good job” in English. Meanwhile, she corrected me for some pronunciation of word and taught me some letters, which made my German better. I believe this phrases helps a lot and with them, I can travel Germany without pressure.
And at my English class, I taught Ildi perfect tense, made of have,had and the past particle. And in which conditions you should use it. This is not easy to understand, and I think she still needs practicing. But in my opinion, it doesn’t matter, because practice makes perfect.

The third meeting


Our third meeting took place in the library of TAMK. Ildi taught me some articles in German, like “the” in German, with different genders, male form “der”, female “die”, and neutral “das”. And then I taught her past progressive, which is made of “was,were” and the verb “ing” form. It was very kind of her that she printed some papers of the articles which contains some examples sentences, and guidances

The second meeting

Our second meeting is taken place in library in Tamk. I taught Ildi English, and she taught me German.
First is the English class. I started from tenses, which is the most basic, simple tenses. I introduced the formation of this tense. And tell her what is the present, past ,future tenses of a verb and a sentence. And I corrected some mistakes for her. She benefited a lot from it.
And when it came to German class, Ildi taught me some German basic verbs like ”habe” and “sein”. My pronunciation is not that perfect, she corrected me for some times, but I think it doesn’t matter. Because everything starts with difficulties, with the study going on, I believe I would make some progress!

The first meeting

16 02 2019
The first time we decided to meet at the library of Tamk. At the beginning, we first talked about what we would learn in the future. Ildiko told me she would like to learn some English grammars, and I want to learn some German daily communication phrases.
And this time I started with something easy, teaching her two words, “priority and consensus”,just because I wanted to start at a lower level and she agreed with this. Conversely, she taught me some German letters, like ß, ü and ö so on.