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Chinese-Dutch-Last meeting.


That day, we had our tenth meeting with all group members and we shared the most famous  scenic spots. Traveling normally brings you with some new horizions and good mood. Besides, you are able to know the history and culture from their architectures.

The Great Wall is one of the most typical and popular tourist attractions in China which was built to defence invaders from north area. And we have an old saying related to it.”One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero.” We also talked about other spots.

Then, Ryan and Merlin talked about their attractions. Even we are in China, Dutch windmills and tulips are quite popular and probably a large amount of tourists prefer visiting them. But Dutch has their special spots as well. The Red Lght District is nothing special in their eyes, but for example, it is illeagel and forbidden in China.



This Sunday, we had a BBQ near Finninmäki under a pavilion. Before that, I had a short talk with Ryan. Ryan told me that Amsterdam Airport is an airport you can transfer there, even Germany need to go Amsterdam first and then flight to their destination. If you travel by air in Europe, you have by check-in luggage. But when I fight to Beijing from Helsinki, I have a check-in luggage for free and two from Moscow. That is quite different thing.

At around 12.30, we began to barbecue. We have chicken, pork, mutton, bacon, and even eggplant. Meat is my favorite and the Bacon with muushroon inside is also my favorite today, especially with some spicy chilli powder on its surface! It is extremely appetizing!

CHN-NED/Traditional Festivals


This Friday, we met at a cafe near Ryan’s apartment and had a talk about trational festivals of tewo countries. It was a real sunny day and I felt quite cozy when I enjoyed the sunshine and coffee.

First, we talked about Chinese festivals and the food for each festivals.

1.Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)-Dumplings-the first of the first lunar month

2. Spring Lantern Festival -Sweet dumplings-the night of the 15th of the first lunar month

3. Qingming Festival-no special food,but in memory of the dead-Usually on 4th April

4. Dragon-boat Festival-Zongzi-In memory of the patriotic poet Qu Yuan-the fifth of the fifth lunar month

5. Mid-autumn Festival-Mooncake-To celebrate the harvest- the 15th of the eighth lunar month

Then we talked about Dutch famous festivals. And their festivals much more related to religions.

The most important festival is Chritmas and they normally gather together with their families. At the day, everybody doesn’t work, thus you have to serve yourselves. And a big pan will be placed on the middle of the table. Their new year is based on the solar calender that is different from ours. Their King’s Day really attracted me because the birthday of the king can be changed for tourism. For example, the real birthday of king is in winter, but tourists don’t like that season, so the king was given a second birthday during summer which is mainly for tourists.Another Flower Festivals interested me a lot. I totally wantt to enjoy the sea of flowers and Netherland is also famous for its tulip.  By the way, they even hhave a festival for DJ and on that day, all the DJ fans will come to Netherland to do a music celebration.

I was very happy to talk these with our Dutch friends, because I won’t get this chance if I didnt choose this course. It is really nice!


Chinese-Dutch/sauna time


Today, we went to sauna together and to enjoy Finnish culture. It was a sunny day and the temperature is suitable for us to jump to the lake after sauna. And actually, we did it.

It is an extremely joyful to sit on the deckchair and watch the blue sky, white ice lake and beautiful sunshine. It seems that we are at a beach of Summer.

By the way, Changling  also swam in the lake. It was amazing, especially the water is much colder than its real temperature, because it absorbs the heat from our body quickly.


Chinese-Dutch/daily greeting


Today, we met at the cafe area next to the campus shop of TAMK. As we decided before, we talked about daily greeting in the two languages.

We Chinese guys taught Ryan and Merlin how to say “GOOD MORNING””GOOD AFTERNOON””GOOD EVENING””GOOD NIGHT”EXCUSE ME””SORRY” and how to write them in Chinese. I wrote the orders of how to write every Chinese characters.(in Chinese, it is called “笔顺”) . Here are the pictures of the “order” and Ryan’s handwriting. (The left one is mine, and the other one is Ryan’s) I have to say, Ryan’s handwriting is quite good because it is his first time to write Chinese characters.👍

Then, we were taught daily greeting in Dutch. Compaerd with Chinese, it is easier to write but it is more difficult to pronounce comparing with English.






Chinese-Dutch/Dutch food


At the end of March, we got a chance to be food-tester of Dutch food( just kidding >..<). It was a wonderful drawn especially after seeing the beautiful sunset! *(photo by Jiaqi)

Once we arrived there, Ryan and Merlin already done all the cooking, and we are served with Dutch beer “Heineken”, in Chinese, it was called “喜力”. It tasted as good as Chinese “Tsingtao beer” (“青岛啤酒”)

some traditional Dutch food were mainly made of potatoes and I really like the pancake made in Dutch way, it was quite delicious and actually, it was the most popular until the dessert came out. Thanks for Merlin’s dessert, I wanna eat Appelflappen a second time.>.<








Chinese-Dutch/Chinese food


Today, we Chinese people cooked a big dinner for our Dutch friends. For me, I cooked fried meat with vegetables and a little amount of  chills. (but most of them said it was too spicy  >.<) I served (not cooked, just heated) them Chinese sausage that I brought from China. The sausage is mainly made of pork meat and very little ginger was added as ingredient as well.And I still remembered Ryan said he liked that sausage.

Other Chinese guys cooked spicy chicken, fried rape, broccoli with garlic, and also Chinese dumplings. At the beginning, our foreign friends tried to make dumplings themselves but it was a little difficult for them.

It seemed that everyone enjoyed Chinese cuisine. After dinner, we talked about traditional Chinese food that we didn’t make that night and compared the differences of Chinese cuisine among different parts of China.

Then, we did the cleaning….


Second Meeting (Chinese- Dutch group)

On the day of 19th February, we had the second meeting at the café next to the campus shop. As we discussed before, the topic of this meeting is the history of China and Netherlands.

At first Ryan and Merlin showed us a presentation that illstrated the history of Netherlands vividly and they introduced the history from the Middle Ages to now. It was invaded by Holy Roman Empire and Spain. Besides, Dutch Empire expanded its  Dutch colonization of the Americas. And several cities like New Amsterdam were bulit. The Dutch in Asia established the Dutch East India Company.

Then, we introduced Chinese history based on a short video on YouTube and showed thehistory of territory change. There are many dunasties and states during 5 thousand years history and we  draw a conclusion of the tedious history and introduced soe important dynasties like Tang and revolutions.

First Meeting (Chinese- Dutch group)

We met at y-kampus on February 15, and we were all there.First, we discussed the ten topics/sites we are going to do/see and drew up the draft.

The first meeting started at 1:30 p.m. and ended around 2 p.m.During the meeting, we briefly introduced ourselves.Our Dutch teachers are Ryan and Merlin, and our Chinese teachers are Changling, Huaicheng and Jiaqi (me).

We taught them the Numbers from 1 to 10 in Chinese, as well as the pronunciation and handwriting of these Numbers (simplified Chinese).

1,         2,      3,       4,     5,    6,      7,       8,         9,      10

一,      二,   三,    四, 五,  六,     七,     八,     九,     十

één,twee,drie,vier,vijf,zes, zeven,acht,negen,tien