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Chinese-German 5th

13th December 2019

Today is our last meeting. It is really a good language exchange experience in this semester. The topic for the last meeting is public transportation including the different words and phrases.

Here are some of the words and phrases:

train—Zug/Bahn                   airplane—Flugzeug

ferry—Fähre                            bicycle—Fahrrad

port—Hafen                            taxi—Taxi

car—Auto                                scooter—Roller

My bus is late—-Mein bus ist verspätet

I bought a ticket—Ich kaufte ein Ticket


Chinese-German 4th

16 November 2019

This is our 4th meeting and we met in the Pella’s Cafe. The topic is to learn how to express the spending. We learnt how to say ‘I paid xxx euro’ , ‘I spent xxx euro’ and the other expression for the same meaning. By the way, the cake is really good.

Chinese-German 3rd

25th October 3rd meeting,

In 3rd meeting, Felix recommended us to go to a German restaurant to try one of the traditional bread called ‘Pretzel’. It is a salty bread and it’s quite good. Then we decided to start our first trigger. First of all, we learnt some phrases and new words which will be used  in the first trigger. The task is about a record of a conversation so we listened  to each others’ pronunciation  and corrected.


Chinese-German 2nd

8 October 2nd meeting

We had our second meeting in TAMK campus. The topic is the number and greeting. But at the beginning we also reviewed  phrases which are learnt from the first meeting. Number is not that easy, at least for me. I always pronounce the word in English way instead of German way when I try a new word. We also learnt how to express ‘I’m xx years old’ since we already known the number. Furthermore, we continued greeting phrases learning such as :

Danke/Dankeschön—-Thank you                                      gerne——-Your’re welcome


Chinese-German First Meeting

4th October

This is our first meeting so, this meeting is mainly for knowing each other. The place we chose is a burger restaurant called Friends & Burger. Since we have not learnt each others’language before so, we decided to start with the most basic sentence. To be honest, it is quite interesting that we made a comparison for the same sentences between our languages and we found not every sentences can be translated literately😂. Meanwhile,  I found my favorite pronunciation ‘ch’ in German which is quite difficult for me to speak at the beginning.

This is what I learnt from first meeting.

Ich bin Menglin.——I’m Menglin.(This sentence include ‘ch’ which is my favorite sound)😎

Mein name ist Menglin——My name is Menglin

Guten tag—–good day

Auf wiedersehen—-goodbye(formal)        or      Tschüss ( informal, usually to a friend)

By the way, the burger is super good.😜


Meeting 1: TAMK’s Library(Chinese-Finnish group)

Our first meeting was in the TAMK’s Library on 12th of March. Lily taught us some Finnish words about food firstly because we have already learnt some greeting words and phrases. For me the r’s pronunciation is the most difficult part, so Lily found some words with r and show me how to pronounce. But I thought it need my more practice because I cannot pronounce it well although I tried it again and again.

Then we taught Lily some Chinese words and simple phrases such as greeting and numbers. Lily’s pronunciation is quite well which surprised us because she said this is her first time to learn Chinese language.

ruoka-food                        kala-fish                            kana-chicken

peruna-potato                sipuli-onion                      porkkana-carrot

rapu-crab                          katkarapu-shrimp          mansikka-strawberry;

mustikka-blueberry      vadelma-raspberry       inkivääri-ginger