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wow ,this time is a very big group people get together and play with cats.

me and cui have a partner who is Jenny ,huang also have a partner named Moe,we just get together ,cause we are both good guys and we both like cats,it is very fun.i have to say that ,we have planed to go to this cafe for a long time ,but we are always busy ,so we just dont have the time to do this.

and i really want to say sorry to Jenny about the last time ,she invited us to go bowling,but we have to work at the restaurant ,we just can not  change our work time that is very bad things ,but I promise that this kind of things will not happen again.

it is really happy to see her again,we will go to the Christmas party in the afternoon,or in the evening ,i am really excited,I wear a suit,hahahahah hope to see u then.







last time it was Thursday ,we went to the Stockman cause  we both want to learn something can be used to make up in Finland.we prepare a lot of things but we only know how to say it but we do not  understand which is their name ,cause sometimes  the cosmetic  just look the same ,it is very hard to recognize them.

Jenny taught us all the cosmetic she know,and Tonny also asked his sister to help us it is so nice of them to do this for us to learn something ,they are so amazing!


It is so amazing that we can enjoy this special festival with all of my good friends.I remember that I was on the bus,I found that Jenny send me the message to this festival,but I am just on my way to the place that is very excited !you know that the city was decorated with all kinds of light which are so beautiful when the night falls down,just like the Haven in my mind.

I have to say that  it is amazing to see such many people in Tampere came together and watching the show.I really like the singer here,but I do not know him,his voice was wonderful,I really like him.But the most important is to see the firework.

with the music ,the firework went up to the sky,and bloomed,how nice it is ,I have already saw too many spectacular firework in China ,but this time I am not  in China ,it really reminds me of my best friends in China ,so it makes me really impressive.I have to say that it is the most beautiful firework I have ever seen during my life!

after the firework ,we finally meet again,it is very difficult to find one person in such a group of people near the river,we hang out around the city,just went go sightseeing for the beautiful light in the street,and we took some picture .

we choose to go home ,about an hours later,because it is too cold outside and we only have a little clothes on ,so we just decided where to meet next time,I have to say ,it is really amazing!


Ratina & Golden Unicorn

This week ,we have the Autumn holiday,but unfortunately we both have the part time job to do,cause this is a pretty common thing for Chinese student to do the part time job,which costed most of our time in the holiday.

however, Jenny and Tony decided to teach us some color and cloth ,so we went to the Ratina who has something on sale,so we went around the ratina at about 11,it is pretty funny for us that we went to the shopping mall,but we bought nothing .we go around the shopping mall just to learn what is this hahhahah,what is that.

After hanging in the Ratina,Cui and i invited Jenny and Tony to the place where I am working,one of the oldest Chinese restaurant in Tempere,the Golden Unicorn.In my opinion ,the food in the restaurant is very nice,and we both have a wonderful time although we have some culture differences between Chinese and Finnish people,one of the funny things is that eating a lot is very popular in China when you have meal with other people to show that the food is very good,but may be not in Finland hahahah,Jenny and Tony thought i was very hungry ,that is pretty funny .

by the way,it is very nice of Jenny and Tony to bring us some chocolate ,very delicious ,thanks buddy !

s-market & Pyynikki Observation Tower

last week, we went to a really beautiful place called Pyynikki Observation Tower,which is the first time that tony and jenny get together and become lovers,that is very romantic .

i remember that day was not very cold at all,we just hang out  around the tower ,the autumn in Tempere is very impressive ,you know that the fallen leaves on the ground ,and when you tread on it ,it sounds very good .

the wind is a little cold there,but it is OK for me,we took pictures together and see the  sun set together,that is absolutely amazing,i have to say that,I have never say such sunset in China ,oh god I love that place .

I guess that was Monday,and we meet again on Saturday in the sockos ,cause we heard that the shopping mall is having something discount,and actually,our Chinese students are working  in some Chinese restaurant ,so we are looking forward to learn something about the vegetable and meat which is very useful in the restaurant,so we just go to the S-market.

it is really a good experience for us cause we never go to the supermarket for learning ,that may be kind of funny,you know that ,usually,we go to the market to buy something like potatoes,tomatoes and so on,but this time ,we go to the market,like ,what is this ,How to say this in Finnish ,that is pretty cool.actually we did learn a lot of things all of us.

To tell the truth ,this experience is very fantastic,but it could be better if we dont have the work,cause we have to work at that time ,or we could stay for a longer time,cause  both my friend and i wanna stay with the foriegners  for a long time  so that we  could practice our spoken English ,and we are looking forward for the Finnish culture,but however ,maybe next time we can stay for a long time .

enjoy food

last night we have good time enjoy the Chinese food.

we planned to arrange this meal for about a longtime.and yesterday is one of my  firends’ birthday,so it is really a  good meeting I guess that.But I found that there is a lot of differences between  Finnish and Chinese,Just like that ,Finnish people usually be very quiet when they are having their meal,but our Chinese people used to be very active and make a lot of noise,what is more,may be the Finnish used to their own food from the plate,and eat in their own plate ,but Chinese people just do not do that ,it may shows a little impolite in China,but may be our behavior is impolite for Finnish people ,that is really amazing thing.

however,we learned something which we can use on the table you know that ,just like fork ,spoon,bowl,knife,in finnish,and we also taught our partners how to say that in Chinese,and we talked a lot about the Finnish festivals,just like Halloween , Valentine’s Day and  Christmas,that is  wonderful.

and there is one of our pictures.

enjoy sauna

wow,last Monday was wonderful ,genius idea,we go to the sauna!

I have heard a lot of amazing things about the Finnish sauna,someone said that the temperature is very high ,or someone said the sauna is very suitable .so I have been expecting the sauna for a long time,so my dream just came true!

I have to say that the sauna is perfect!what else ,what surprise me is the swimming pool,water is very clear which is a little different from China,by the way,I have a question,someone swim outsides,couldn’t them feel the cold?

Actually I am very touched by Jenny and Tony.I think that they have already got cold ,but they still came with us ,especially tony!we did have a great time chatting with each other,this is our second meeting,but we just like some follow friends,chat with each other heart to heart ,that is amazing.

this week,we learn something about the family member and the numbers,and things are as follow:


last Monday,we went to the sky bar in the Tampere city center.That is really a good experience in my life.

Actually  this is our first offical meeting during this long time.last time we just meet at a small class room at TAMK,but we have class then so we just decided something in a hurry,and we didn’t have a heart to heart talk ,whatever this time is very wonderful.

Jenny brought her friend and boyfriend ,I also brought my friend together,so our group is about 6 member actually,hahahah.we offered some drinks,like coffee ,juice and tea,but I got one thing that the Finnish coffee is a little wired ,I remember last time we tried it in our school dinning hall,wow and I don’t know how to describe the taste.

The sky bar is very beautiful,we can see the city landscape though the glasses all around,though I am a little afraid of the hight,but to tell the truth,it is very impressed.I remembered that last Monday is very windy,the wind blew very hard,but the sky bar is pretty warm .

For the first time we did learn a lot and things are as follow:

Monday-Maanantai             Tuesday-Tiistai          Wednesday-Keskiviikko  Thursday-Torstai Friday-Perjantai     Saturday-Lauantai       Sunday-Sunnuntai

JAN.-Tammikuu    Feb.-helmikuu    Mar.-maaliskuu   Apr.-Huhtikuu  May.-Toukokuu Jun.-Kesakuu  Jul.-Heinakuu  Aug.-Elokuu  Sept.-Syyskuu  Oct.-lokakuu   Nov.-Marraskuu    Dec.-Joulukuu            I love you-mina rakastan sinua

and there is one of our picture