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Fifth meeting before Christmas.

This time, we tried something really Finnish! !

We went to Christmas Market. Also, it was my first time to go to Christmas Market this year. It was a pretty nice experience because I just finished all my exams and it helped me relax as well. It was a really beautiful market and full of handicrafts and all kinds of hand-made stuff.  As we went in the morning, not so many people there. It was amazing to see all the goods and the most surprising one is Santa Claus, who was riding a bike on a rope. And we were interested in this. It was not a big market but really amazing and wonderful. Chinese-Finnish meeting

Fourth meeting about trigger

We had the fourth meeting about the trigger on 27. Dec. It was a great chance to know each other further. As both of us are at the real beginning,  we started with basic users.

we studied three chapters: relationship, working life and countries, and cities. In general, we asked each other questions from the instruction and shared the answer in our own language. I really found it difficult to learn a language with several meetings and it was really interesting to know there are many differences in our cultures and people’s lifestyle. like the way how people address others and different transportations in our own hometown. In addition, it was kind of surprising to know that Jenni’s dream was to become a marine biologist. And we shared our favorite spot in our own hometown and introduced them. I found it wonderful as we really have many different habits and it helped me learn Finnish as well. I felt more interested in cultural differences and language.

third meeting in Chinese restaurant

As winter comes, our third metting got started ! This time we decided to meet in a Chinese restaurant, which is called Luckiefun’s . It was such a good idea because the food was super food. Both of us were really into this place. It offers buffet including sushi, other traditional Chinese food ,salad and ice cream.  The meeting lasted for more than one hour, and we talked a lot about Finnish culture and Chinese Culture. I was surprised to see the culture differences and got to know Finnish people better. We shared what we are doing recently and interesting things happeded around us. It was a wonderful meeting. I was glad because Jenni said she will come there again with her mother !We were so satisfied  that we forgot to take photos, but i took a photo of the restaurant .

Second meeting with Jenni in a Finnish restaurant

Finally, second meeting comes after fall break. I was actually not able to go to fish market because of working. But today, we went to a traditional Finnish restaurant which is called Brewhouse in city center. I was really excited to go there, because this was my first time to go to local restaurant. I used to go to Asian restaurants many times but haven’t tried local one.

It was a super nice place, especially I was into the environment there. It is kind of like a bar but also offered normal meal. The style there was not so bright which is really good for talking.

I was really happy taht they have English Menu. I ordered Brewery Boy’s Chicken Parmesan which was really good. While Jenni took Chicken Skewer. Both of us liked chicken. I was really glad that we have same thought on a lot of things. We firstly shared what we did during the holiday. And we were all busy somehow, and life is pushing us forward. Besides,We talked a lot about cultures like famous singers ,table manners, etc. It is easy to see we have a lot of differences. And still, we talked laws in Finland and China, it is kind of strange but still good to know and even I was surprised by some points. It was around 2 hours for this nice meeting.

And finally, we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant next time. I am looking forward to that very much !

The second meeting -in the restaurant

the first meeting in library

Today we had our first meeting in Campus Library. That was really awesome. And finally I learnt how to say I donnot need receipt in Finnish from Jenni, because I am always confused when I am checking,though understand what do people say, but I do not know what exactlly it is. And we know some basic words from both languages. And I realised how hard Chinese and FInnish are and they are totally different langauges. I feel hard to teach Jenni how to learn Chinese meanwhile i feel hard to learn Finnish. Also ,today we shared something about culture and we get to know each other better. Still, we are planning to go to Finnish Fish Market next Sunday, I have the chance to see something very Finnish. I am really excited because it sounds interesting and i have never heard about that. I am looking forward that !