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The final meeting in Tampere Hall

On 6.12 we went celebrate finnish independence day at Tuhto. Tuhto is coffee place in Tampere Hall. We talked about EOTO cource and what we have learned during that. We talked plans for future and decided to meet again some day. After that we went to see some christmas boutiques in central market and waited for fireworks! Then we hugged each other and went home to see independence day reception at television.


School lunch

We ate dinner in school in on monday. I choose to go with fishsticks, potato and yogurt based sauce. We studied very hard, talked about stuff in general and eat.

After eating we talked about our taste in music. Everyone in our group knew Viktor Tsoi who is singer of Kino.

I asked about girls about their plans and they had found good priced flight to Amsterdam for march next year. I wish i could join them on mission as i have never been that country. They say air in Amsterdam is fresh, refreshing and full of surprises.

I think because our long winter, it is mandatory to try leave Finland to enjoy early spring somewhere in southern Europe. Last time i went to Czech republic and next year maybe in Netherlands or Spain.

Chatting in Public Corner

On Saturday we managed to found small windows to study. First I planned to cook food in my apartment but due to their timelimits i desided it would be better meet in centre to where most of us had reasonable travel time. I was looking place not too full and not too noicy as we were planning studying.

I found Public Corner with seemed cozy place and send message to girls. Ilona arrived quick to arrive and Yulia came with her friend who’s first languane is russian. She was great help correcting mistakes.

We did some chores and talked about cultural differences.


Pyynikin kahvila FIN-RUS

I desided something calm like Pyynikki observatorium would be good place to meet. We were awake not too early and I noticed library was soon closed.  We went observatoriums  coffee place dowstairs and ordered dougnuts, coffee and studied new chapter. Text seemed easy to translate and it was no problem for any of us. Урок Три (Chapter Three) was themed around foods and was really pretty easy for me.

We talked about week and write some common proverbs between Russians and Finns and write them down. Also we did compare our calligraphy. Mine looked not so good. Last time i used calligraphy was in high school many years past and never found it useful but only painful to use at the time.

As some time passed, more space started to free and we moved inside. I ordered another cup of coffee and then we read chapter to the end. After that we went our own ways to spend weekend.

Meeting at Coffee Europe

Everyone was busy but we managed to find that 18.00 on Saturday would be fit for everybody. We got up and wanted to go in Pella’s cafe. I got there bit early and place was so full and noisy it would be hard to study anything. Yulia suggested Cafe Europa and we got there.

We studied Chapter 2 exercises from book which i found to be hard to say at least. My vocabulary is not as good as when i have spend time in Russia. I found especially months and times of year challenging. Also many hard verbs i never had to use anywhere were new to me. Place was nice but studying there was bit hard because of music.

After all i think these harder exercises was good to have to know my weaknesses better. I need to train basic vocabulary.

Studying in my aparment FIN-RUS

Last week was really busy for all of us and I need to figure some place to meet girls. Therefore best opinion seemed to be at my apartment in Linnainmaa region. Ilona and Yulia seemed were really busy during week: Ilona had her icehockey training and Yulia had work on both Saturday and Sunday. We figured out that best time would be around 3pm on Sunday after her work.

My plan was to loan russian languane student books from Tampere main library Metso so I got there on Sunday and got three of them. Then I head to home and buy cookies with tea. After that we talked little bit about last week and started studying chapter 2 in the book. Translating text piece by piece to finnish. We drink tea and whole study  over hour and after that girls need to leave. Thanks for good company!


Studying in library

We desided to meet in Tampere Library to study. I was a bit early and started looking for Russian education literature. I found a book case which had many different books on the subject and Yulia found me and we picked some education books for college students.

We sat down and talked about business while waiting for Ilona to arrive. She came soon and we started studying the first chapter of book. Each one had to read  one chapter and translate it to Finnish language.

Text was mediocre hard to translate, not the easiest… We could have stayed longer but library was closing so that ended our session that time.

This was very good teaching for me and probably best way to better my russian languane.



Yulia had noticed earlyer that on Sunday there were free days in Moomin museum which is located in Tampere talo. So thats where we went. I and Ilona were early in the place. Place was crowded with many people and soon we started watching some old illustrations mady by creator of Moomins. Tove Jansson.

In museum there were citations from moomin stories. We did go through them and translated these very hard to translate phraces as they were written like poetry. I learned how russian has similar expressions compared to finnish and some words I did not know beforehand.

In museum we found miniature places and events in Moomin world with possibility to hear story in russian. I did not understand anything but Yulia translated story perfectly in finnish. There were also cool moomin items like stone-mörkö made from dark granite: coolest paperweight ever!

We were finished less than two hours and I needed coffee which was of cource served from real authentic Arabia Moomin coffee mugs. Overall very interesting experice. I am definitely interested of seeing Vakoilumuseo in future.

Munkkeja, kahveeta ja myrskyn silmässä oleskelua

On Saturday 22.9.2018 we were planning to go Pyynikin näkötorni but in fear of storm (which never came) Ilona, Yulia and I went to eat fresh dougnuts in cafe near Keskustori. I was late for few minutes but quickly foud place. They had already ordered dougnuts with cappuccinos and i desided do order same.

Eating and talking in english Ilona was curious about what some words were in russian and vice versa. It refreshed my own memory as well. Yulia quickly translated any word thrown at her. Dougnut: пончик. I almost had no change to think about it. Didn’t actually know half of the words she translated. Might be good idea to bring notebook with me next time and write those down 🙂

After cup of coffee, dougnut, sugar cover on lips and pictures we decided to go shopping in Sokos market in hope of learning more of everyday items like косметика, мыло и грибы (kosmetiikka, saippua ja sienet). Thought I might as well bought some stuff and learn new phraces.

We saw moomin-figures and talked about how they differ from each other and which ones we like best. I almost thought about buying few but then i remembered i don’t own cat or dog.

While having conversation Yulia got message she had to go a party in Union with her classmates. We wanted to go sit in pub so we go to see if bar Roska was open. It was not but i knew good place to go sit for a while so we entered Oluthuone: block away from Roska. We chat little bit about school, work, and travelling. Hockey and gang fighting. Russian and finnish culture. I show few pictures from my last journey to Moscow and City of Saransk and gave some opinions how to safely travel in Russia. Ilona had to leave with her friend to get ride home and I desided to take a bus also.

Overall very teachful experience. I learned many new words and we taught Yulia what word няяс (nääs) means and when and how to use it accordingly it. It worked out beautifully. Now she is at least half tamperelainen (тампереиский резидент). Спасибо!

Finnish-Russian Group meeting

Earlier in week we desided to meet at Huurre restaurant on Saturday when everybody had some free time. Ilona found place easily but Yulia and I took few minutes to found place. Google maps helped little bit.

As we arrived we ordered some food and beging talking both in russian and english. Then we decided that we should play board-game Alias. Alias is word explaining game in which one who knows word eplained to him or her wins one point and moves on map. We modified rules so that Yulia explained words in russian and Ilona and me explained them in russian or in english; trying to keep game fair. This was good idea and I found out Yulia speaks very undertable finnish and I was able to understand her russian moderately good! Drinking few beers made me quickly speak more fluent in russian.

I also learned little bit Yulia’s backround, like where she moved to Finland. I learned some new words like french fries (картофель-фри) and made corrections on my mind how some words are properly written and pronounced. Overall very useful meeting as for me speaking is best way to learn languanes. Thank you for good company! Peace!