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As a last meeting , it didn’t feel like the last one .The triggers were done and after being together for four months we decided to focus on hang out , in this experience we have  improved the knowledge and extended our vision of Europe and those small countries that are our houses.

We went to eat some pizza and talk about the course , the meetings; trying to practise everything that we have learned this months . I was a bit afraid of those guys  at the beginning with this strange sound called German but now i think i can’t imagine myself without listening this awesome language , it is just not another perspective , another country, it is something else like a  new part of you . After this course I am sure i will continue expanding my German and one day i will talk to them fluidly .It has been a great pleasure , to meet such an amazing people . Thx for this course guys.


For this time we wanted to join to others groups , so at Tamki Soulu there was a huge TAMKO EOTO Pre- Christmas Party that fitted perfectly for us . There we learned some Finish deserts and we drank Glögi , also the guys tried to explain me the difference with the glüwine . The most important part was to talk to get in contact with others groups ,  in general  our group has been together not only for EOTO , and we wanted to compare and meet another groups , other cultures , stories , exchanges differences …

We got more in contact with the Finnish culture , now we seems more Finnish ,loving Sauna  and of course we went to the one of EOTO , listening Christmas Songs . Furthemore we compared the different Christmas traditions , as the three Kings in Spain , Nicolas …

EOTO 3rd Meeting DE-ES-AU

In my country a few weeks ago there was the elections , so I thought it could be a good idea to talk about the politics inside our different countries. We all live under the EU, none of us knew much about the other governments . So we started discussing at Zarillo during dinner. We started learning about the differents parties , about the actual situation of Spain, the general problems of every country, and talked about the EU.

Post political discussion , Ole knew about one football match in the center, so we decided to watch Finland  versus Lichtensein in order to qualify for the European cup, it was where the Christmas market is now. It was a nice moment to discuss about how Finland sometimes is so different, but at the end we are pretty similar.

Second Meeting AT-DE-ES

For the second meeting we thought about making some desserts , so this time we met at Janas place where she teached  Ole and me how to do the original Austrian Apfelstrudel . It was super funny and i didn’t expect to be so professional , i  would like to show to my friends back in spain .

Also we didn’t want to focus on the food only so we tried to teach different music from our home countries and trying  to improve the pronunciation and talks . Most of them we tried to have like easy lyrics ,with an increasing level of difficulty after each one . In Janna’s apartement there were also some austrian friends , so after a while and those weeks , i think i improved my listening and vocabulary .

After finishing in Jana’s place , Ole and me continued the session cooking paella , with a session more focus on Spanish . Trying to teach each other the different furniture , food …

First Meeting German-Austria-Spanish

As a first meeting we decided for the first time to go to my apartment , i thought i would be perfect because I am living with a lot of exchange students and we needed a good atmosphere; as a spoiler the meeting was perfect , a success .

We thought that the best way to know a culture , it is sometimes with a good plate from your home country . I made some Spanish omelettes and my mates  some German Frikadellen. Meanwhile we were learning/teaching food vocabulary and how to made the food .It was pretty funny , the Spanish omelette have like a movement for do it , and they were so afraid at first, but now they are experts , maybe better than me  . It was pretty different from a normal experience in a class , because i will always remember all they teach me and it was more practical .Also I asked some people from South America to come, to see the difference in some words ,expressions ,accent between all the different countries with Spanish, as they did with German.

I definitely learn to be more confident with my German skills , i refresh my vocabulary and the most important , the people. For sure i will learn a lot of things with them , enjoying all the time . Looking forward the next meeting .